11th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse 

Long Beach, California
July 23-27, 2017

The 11th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse was held for the first time in North America during July 2017. This conference brought together water managers, industry leaders, and cutting edge researchers to learn what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next in water reuse policy and regulations, technology, operations, financing, and public perception. As a six-day event, the conference served as a key opportunity to share knowledge regarding water reuse practices in different countries in order to build trust and further grow water reuse projects. 

Below you will find all of the conference presentations and papers available for download. Please contact Cecilia Aleman with any questions or for more information.

Note: Only presentations and papers approved for distribution by the author(s) are listed.

Conference Program

Keynote Presentations
Opening Keynote Session
Plenary Session - Potable Reuse: Health and Safety
Keynote Luncheon - International Perspectives: Role of Water Reuse for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy
Plenary Session - Challenges and Opportunities for Non-potable Reuse
Closing Plenary Session - The Future of Water Reuse

Sunday, July 23, 2017
A1: Potable Reuse Treatment Studies
B1: Distributed Treatment and Energy Topics
C1: Groundwater Recharge Operations and Planning
D1: Sources, Formation, and Control of Nitrosamines

A2: Potable Reuse - Design and Operations
B2: Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse
C2: Environmental and Groundwater Topics
D2: Topics on Antibiotic Resistance and Genes

Monday, July 24, 2017
A3: Potable Reuse Utility Demonstration Studies
B3: Advanced Treatment Technologies for Control of Chemicals
C3: Water Reuse as a Sustainable Supply
D3: Pathogen Removal and Control

A4: Key Questions in Implementing Reuse
B4: Removal of Trace Organic Compounds by Advanced Treatment Technologies for Potable Reuse
C4: Guidance and Assessment of Water Reuse Programs
D4: Assessment of Pathogens and Removal in Wastewater and Water Reuse

A5: Public Engagement Topics for Recycled Water
B5: Concentrate Management: Treatment and Planning
C5: Utility Planning for Reuse
D5: Bioassays and Other Innovative Monitoring

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
A6: DPR Performance and Operation
B6: Ozone and Biofiltration for Water Reuse Applications
C6: Integrate Planning - Utility Experience
D6: Onsite Nonpotable Water Systems

A7: DPR Criteria and Reliability
B7: Ozone and Biofiltration for Potable Reuse and Trace Organics Removal
C7: Integrated Planning for Water Reuse
D7: Agriculture Irrigation with Recycled Water

A8: DPR Monitoring and Water Quality for Microbial and Chemical Safety
B8: Evaluation of Advanced Oxidation and Water Quality
C8: Water Reuse Planning - Costs and Economics
D8: Managed Aquifer Recharge and Aquifer Soil Treatment

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
A9: Risk Assessment and QMRA for Water Reuse
B9: Evaluation of Novel Advanced Treatment Technologies
C9: Topics in Advancing Water Reuse
D9: Industrial Reuse: Pilots and Studies

A10: Potable Reuse in Texas: Beyond Big Spring and Wichita Falls
B10: Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) and Pathogen Removal and Credits
C10: Economic, Environmental, and Social Assessments for Water Reuse
D10: Industrial Reuse: Planning and Approaches

For more information, please visit the conference website.