IWA Reuse 2017 Presentations

A10: Potable Reuse in Texas: Beyond Big Spring and Wichita Falls

This panel provided participants with a background on the potable reuse regulatory framework in Texas and an overview of the range of potable reuse projects currently operating or under consideration for implementation in the state. Case studies were used to illustrate the value of the case-by-case approach that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has taken to facilitate implementation of potable reuse projects in Texas. 

Technical Paper (PDF)
Caroline Russell,
Carollo Engineers

Ellen McDonald,
Alan Plummer Associates, Inc.

Potable Reuse: The Texas Frontier (PDF)
Tom Taggart,
City of San Marcos, TX

Regulatory Framework for Direct Potable Reuse in Texas (PDF)
Gilbert Trejo,
El Paso Water Utilities