IWA Reuse 2017 Presentations

A3: Potable Reuse Utility Demonstration Studies

Comparing the Performance of PilotScale Carbon-Based and Membrane-Based Potable Reuse Treatment Systems (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Ramola Vaidya, 
Virginia Tech

L.A.’s Transition from Non-Potable Reuse to Potable Reuse through Ozone, Biological Activated Carbon, and Soil Aquifer Treatment (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Roshanak Aflaki, 
City of Los Angeles, LA Sanitation 

Keel Robinson, 

Shane Trussell, 
Trussell Technologies, Inc.

Pure Water Monterey: Successful Fast-Track Design of Northern California’s First IPR Project (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Todd Reynolds, 
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants