IWA Reuse 2017 Presentations

B7: Ozone and Biofiltration for Potable Reuse and Trace Organics Removal

Introducing Sequential Biofiltration Hybrid Systems for Enhanced Removal of Trace Organic Compounds and Pathogens during Water Reclamation (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Johann Müller, 
Technical University of Munich

Demonstrating Simultaneous Removal of Multiple Contaminants for Potable Reuse using Ozone, Biofiltration, and Activated Carbon (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Edgard Verdugo, 
Southern Nevada Water Authority

O3 Squared: OzoneBiofiltration-Ozone in Melbourne Australia (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Nick Burns, 
Black & Veatch

Optimization of Ozone-BAC Treatment Processes for Potable Reuse Applications (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Ruth Marfil-Vega, 
American Water