IWA Reuse 2017 Presentations

C3: Water Reuse as a Sustainable Supply

Water Meta-Cycle as a Sustainable Water Reuse System at Regional Level: A Case Study at Gaotang County, Shandong, China (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Zhuo Chen, Shenzhen 
Tsinghua University (China)

Assessment of WaterEnergy (WE) Nexus in Urban Water Reuse System Using a Metabolic Approach: a Mexican Case Study (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Oriana Landa-Cansigno, 
University College London

Nitrogen Removal in Wetland Systems by Anammox Bacteria for Water Reuse in Subtropical Humid Climates (PDF) 
Technical Paper (PDF)

Pongsak (Lek) Noophan, 
Kasetsart University

Sustainability Assessment for Indirect Potable Reuse Demonstration in Reno, NV (PDF)
Technical Paper (PDF)

Laura Haak,
University of Nevada, Reno