Strategic Workforce Planning/Employee Value Proposition Workshops

Two Day Workshops - Day 1 SWP, Day 2 EVP
January 10th & 11th Washington, DC (DC Water)
January 15th & 16th San Francisco (San Francisco PUC)

Participants in the highly successful Workforce Skills of the Future workshops held in Melbourne, Australia and Alexandria VA, identified Strategic Workforce Plan (SWP) and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) development as foundation activities to be prioritized for subsequent initiatives to guide and provide direction to subscribers. The Workforce Skills of the Future report reviewed future skills for the sector to understand key workforce trends driving change and future capacity requirements and customer trends. 

This workshop and outputs supplied subscribers and the sector with the knowledge and guidance to discuss and shape the thinking of what a SWP and EVP for the sector could look like to guide future recruitment, diversity, and retention initiatives in the water sector. The highly interactive workshops developed SWP Guidance and an EVP plan that will be immediately useful to utilities to address pressing workforce issues for the Digital Utility. These workshops were at the leading edge of the future workforce planning and were a joint WRF and Water Service Association of Australia (WSAA) effort.

Strategic Workforce Plan Output (PDF)

Effective strategic workforce planning provides a clear understanding of current workforce and future needs to establish evidence-based decisions in the areas of management, succession planning, sector continuity, additional resourcing, and capacity building. A sector-wide SWP will provide better quantitative and qualitative understanding of the skill requirements and likely supply of those skills in the market.

Employee Value Proposition Output (PDF)
An EVP is a tailored, unique, and impactful framework which encompasses employee’s motivators to engage the desired level of time, effort, and loyalty from the workforce.  Development of a “Sector of choice” EVP for the water sector will increase attractiveness of working in the sectors and retention of high performing talent, and further develop a sense of pride to work in water. 

Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Workshop Contact:

Walter Graf
Program Director - Asset Management & Intelligent Water Systems
The Water Research Foundation