Site Visit Highlights WE&RF's Role in EPA's Decentralized Partnership

WE&RF is a member organization of the U.S. EPA Decentralized MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) Partnership.  As part of SepticSmart Week 2016 events (September 19-23), WE&RF joined the U.S. EPA Office of Water and Prince George County’s Department of Environment for a field trip to visit the Brown Station Road site in Upper Marlboro, MD on September 21. This project was funded from a grant by the U.S. EPA entitled “National Community Decentralized Demonstration Project for LID Urban Retrofit and Septic Systems in the Upper Patuxent River Watershed, Maryland." The Brown Station Road site utilizes innovative techniques such as low impact development (LID) for stormwater runoff management and high-efficiency nutrient removal septic treatment system, with an objective to demonstrate how to meet stringent water quality criteria imposed by Chesapeake Bay Nutrient TMDL. In addition, solar panels provide sufficient energy to power the facility and BMPs onsite for greater environmental benefits.