WE&RF Desalination Research

This chart lists a portfolio of WRRF reports and ongoing research efforts for WE&RF's Desalination program. The timeframe is primarily from the past five years of research from the former research foundation (WateReuse Research Foundation). 

NOTE: To search for WRRF reports that are not on this list, please use watereuse.org/research.

 Completed Projects

Executive Summary (PDF)

Project Number

 Release Date

Use of Heated Metal Oxide Particles as Adsorbents for Membrane Fouling Reduction in Water Reuse and Desalination Applications    Reuse-14-09  2017
Database of Permitting Practices for Seawater Desalination Concentrate
  DESAL-13-07   2016
Evaluation of Natural Gas to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Energy Cost for Desalination
   WRRF-13-05 2016 
Emerging Desalination Technologies for Energy Reduction
  WRRF-11-04  2015
Application of the Bioluminescent Saltwater Assimilable Organic Carbon Test as a Tool for
Identifying and Reducing Reverse-Osmosis Membrane Fouling in Desalination

   WRRF-11-07 2015 
Development of Public Communication Toolkit for Desalination Projects
   WRRF-12-02 2014 
Investigation of Desalination Membrane Biofouling
  WRRF-08-19 2014
Improvements to Minimize I&E of Existing Intakes
   WRRF-10-04  2014
Regulatory Workshop on Critical Issues of Desalination Permitting
   WRRF-10-03 2013 
Consideration for the Co-Siting of Desalination  Facilities with Municipal and Industrial Facilities
  WRRF-06-010d  2013
Pilot Testing Pre-Formed Chloramines as a Means of Controlling  Biofouling in Seawater
   WRRF-09-09 2012 
Reclaimed  Water Desalination Technologies: Performance/Cost Comparison EDR & MF/RO
  WRRF-08-17 2012 
Feasibility Study of Offshore Desalination Plants
  WRRF-06-010b  2012 
Characterization of US Seawaters  & Development of Standardized Protocols for Evaluation of
Foulants in Seawater RO Desalination

  WRRF-06-14 2011
Seawater Intake Systems for Desalination Plants    WRRF-06-010g  2011
Post Treatment Stabilization of Desalinated  Water
  WRRF-06-010f 2010 
Assessment  of the Potential Presence of Chemical Contaminants in Water Produced by
Desalination Systems
Salinity & Brine Management
Desalination Concentrate Management Policy Analysis for the Arid West
   WRRF-11-09  2015 
Selection of Salt, Metal, Radionuclide, and Other Valuable Material Recovery Approaches
   WRRF-10-09  2015
Minimizing Concentrate using Advanced Oxidation Biofiltration and Ion-Exchange Pretreatment for Electrodialysis Reversal
  WRRF-12-10   2014
Continuous Flow Seawater RO System for Recovery of Silica-Saturated RO Concentrate
   WRRF-09-12 2013
Development of a Knowledge Base on Desalination Concentrate and Salt Management
   WRRF-07-02 2013 
Selective Salt Recovery from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Using Interstage Ion Exchange
  WRRF-06-10 (Phase E)   2013
Salinity Management Guide: The Links Between Soil, Salt and Recycled Water
  WRRF-03-12   2007 
Beneficial and Nontraditional Uses of Concentrate
   WRRF-02-06  2006

Ongoing Research

Executive Summary (PDF)

Project Number

 Release Date

Performance and Cost Review of Existing Desalination Plants which use Conventional and
Membrane Pretreatment Processes Prior to RO

   WRRF-14-07 2017 

Methodology for Assigning Pathogen Removal Credits for Sub-Surface  Desalination Intakes

   WRRF-14-06  2018 

Case Study of the City of Carlsbad and their Experience with Integrating Seawater Supply in
Municipal Distribution Systems

  WRRF-15-06  TBD