Intelligent Water Systems: The Path to a Smart Utility

The white paper was developed as a result of the 2016 Knowledge Development Forum on Intelligent Water Systems that was held at the ISA Water/Wastwater Automation and Controls Symposium.  Unlike a traditional workshop, the KDF was an interactive gathering of industry stakeholders to develop new knowledge, identify collaborative efforts to bridge gaps, and facilitate adoption of new and better ways of problem solving in the water sector.  Through a series of highly interactive discussions led by experts driving smart/intelligent solutions for the water sector, participants discussed:

  • The definition of intelligent water systems
  • The value of integrating intelligent water practices into the water sector
  • Common barriers of implementing intelligent water practices into the water sector
  • Technology trends in the intelligent water systems realm
  • Potential next steps to promoting intelligent water systems and new solutions throughout the water sector

This report (PDF) outlines the forum discussions on the points mentioned above, and serves as the basis for expanding the vision for intelligent water systems. The hope is that through continuing the conversation, we will be able to separate fact from fiction regarding the implementation of intelligent water solutions and practices and moving towards implementing intelligent water systems in the industry.

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