2018 PFAS Congressional Briefing

(left to right) Alice Fulmer, Chuck Hertz, Brandon Kernen, Charles Schaefer, Beate Wright

On October 4, WRF hosted a congressional briefing on per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) in water, attended by over 60 congressional staffers and water sector leaders. Presentations were given on PFAS treatment, utility and state perspectives on PFAS, and the future of PFAS research.

The variety of stakeholder perspectives contributed to a well-rounded view on the state-of-the-science on PFAS and showed what research needs should be addressed as we learn more about this public health concern. 

Hosting events such as this is just one of the ways that The Water Research Foundation works on behalf of its subscribers to ensure that that congressional leaders are fully educated on the most pressing water quality issues to ensure that sound science informs policy decisions. 


The Water Research Foundation has existing resources on PFASs. WRF held a May 2018 Webcast titled, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Water: Background, Treatment and Utility Perspective. The Webcast presented current knowledge on PFAS including occurrence, analytical methods, regulations, treatment and provides a utility perspective on the issue. A State of the Science document on PFASs is also available. Treatment Mitigation Strategies for Poly- and Perfluorinated Chemicals (project #4322), which includes a report and archived Webcast, contains a detailed literature review on PFASs as well as results of an in-depth treatment study conducted on waters from 13 treatment plants in the United States.