Advancing Potable Reuse

Direct Potable Reuse Research Initiative

WE&RF, in partnership with WateReuse California, launched the DPR Initiative in June of 2012 to advance DPR as a water supply option in California. This was driven by the establishment in recent years of statewide goals for the use of recycled water, and a mandate from the California legislature to investigate the feasibility of developing uniform water recycling criteria for DPR by 2016.

This Initiative was built upon a solid research that started in 2011 when WE&RF began funding research identified in the Direct Potable Reuse: A Path Forward publication. That insightful effort informed a DPR Research Needs meeting held in December 2012 which forged the framework of the Foundation’s DPR research agenda.

Since 2012, the DPR Initiative has raised over $6 million for cutting-edge DPR research. There have already been several important publications. This includes $500,000 in matching funds from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).  In addition, WE&RF received a $2.1 million grant from the Department of Water Resources and San Diego County Water Authority for a DPR demonstration project in San Diego.


2010 California Senate Bill 918 on Direct Potable Reuse
Overview of California Direct Potable Reuse Initiative

Progress Reports

2016 Progress Report (Spring-Summer)
2015 Progress Report (Fall-Winter)
2015 Progress Report (Spring-Summer)
2014 Progress Report (Fall-Winter)
2014 Funding Update (Fall)
2014 Progress Report (Spring-Summer)
2010 Workshop Summary

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