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Data Visualization Shows the Current and Projected Future for Water Technology Implementation
May 18, 2017 (Alexandria, VA)  The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) has published an interactive data visualization intended to facilitate greater peer-to-peer networking within the water community. The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT), a joint WE&RF and Water Environment Federation initiative, helps facilities understand and implement new water technologies. Using data from a recent survey of the whole water community to identify trends around the deployment of innovative technology at utilities, the visualization shows the current and projected future for technology implementation. It illustrates two key elements: (1) the percentage of facility respondents that have or are planning to deploy a technology at a given point in time, and (2) how quickly a technology moves from being the first of its kind, to leading edge, and ultimately to standard practice.

The technology survey includes over 100 respondents representing some of the largest water and wastewater utilities in North America and abroad. The resulting visualization tool allows public users to look at the aggregated data and analyze it based upon facility type, size, location, and technology.

WE&RF utility subscribers can drill deeper and see detailed survey results including utility-specific information for the purposes of peer-to-peer networking. "If your utility is interested in further exploring nutrient recovery, the visualization will help you understand the implementation timelines and preferences at peer facilities. Drilling deeper, you can see a specific point of contact at peer facilities to learn about their experiences or potentially collaborate for a technology pilot," explains WE&RF Director of Water Technologies, Jeff Moeller, P.E.

The survey will be open for additional response until the end of 2017 for utilities interested in participating. The visualization will be regularly updated to reflect new responses. In two to three years, the survey will be reissued to further track the uptake of water innovation over time.

The Technology Survey Visualization can be accessed at

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