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WE&RF and Water Research Commission of South Africa Launch First International LIFT Hub

September 20, 2017 (Alexandria, VA) The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) has partnered with the Water Research Commission (WRC) of South Africa to launch the first International Hub for the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT). LIFT is a joint initiative by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and the Water Environment Federation that accelerates water innovation and new technology into practice. Through this partnership, WRC will gain access to LIFT and its many resources, and the two organizations will work together to leverage efforts for new technology identification and deployment.

Like WE&RF, WRC seeks to expedite the sharing of resources for water innovation across geographic boundaries and standardizing programs and processes. LIFT Hubs function as international partners for LIFT. Hubs take on certain responsibilities related to advancing innovative technology in their region, benefit from use of the LIFT resources and tools, coordinate information exchange and collaboration opportunities on technology testing, and facilitate an international and interconnected network on new water technology demonstration and deployment.

As in North America, the WRC Hub will use a Technology Scan process for Africa to identify and evaluate innovative technologies to promote early adoption. Scans offer technology providers an optimal platform to introduce their emerging, pre-commercial, and newly commercialized technologies to potential end users, investors, and others. All technologies approved through Technology Scans are added to LIFT Link. LIFT Link is an online innovation platform, allowing users to discover new technologies, post research and technology needs, and connect with others on technologies of mutual interest for information sharing and collaboration.

As a LIFT Hub, WRC will manage a portal in the LIFT Link platform that is dedicated to the Africa region.  While there is a single Technology Scan application for technology providers to use, each regional review process is run independently by the region administrator. This expands the global network for innovation, enabling those interested to engage in both regional and international conversations in a single platform.

LIFT Link users in North America will benefit by being able to view new water technology approaches that have been accepted through LIFT for application in Africa, and vice versa. South African technology applications may have different priorities than for the North American market. For example, processes in North America can be energy and chemical dependent, while Africa seeks “off-grid” solutions. This knowledge can be applied to North American applications when utilities examine technologies admitted through the LIFT Link WRC Hub.

The LIFT Hub in South Africa will officially launch on September 20. It will be showcased during a WRC Symposium in Johannesburg, South Africa that day. Visit to access the platform.
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About WRC – The Water Research Commission aims to contribute effectively to the best possible quality of life for the people of South Africa, by promoting water research and the application of research findings.