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The Water Research Foundation Seeks Proposals to Develop a Research Roadmap for Disinfection Byproduct Toxicity Tools
June 6, 2018 (Alexandria, VA) – The Water Research Foundation is seeking proposals to begin research on Development of a Roadmap for DBP Toxicity Tools, Surrogates, and Indicators to Help Utility Decision Making (#4944). The objective of research is to develop a 10-year vision for the drinking water research community with a suggested research roadmap that will answer outstanding questions related to the assessment of relative risks from disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in drinking water.

The roadmap should outline the questions and research projects that will be needed to provide municipal water utilities with chemical and bioanalytical tools to assess relative risk from DBPs in drinking water after different treatment trains or water qualities, and include strategies to identify indicators or surrogates for potential human biological responses to inorganic and organic DBPs in drinking water. A workshop will identify the path forward that will eventually determine what assays, tools, surrogates or indicators (chemical or biological) are best suited to provide an overall risk reduction strategy. 

Proposals are due no later than Tuesday, August 7 by 3:00 PM MT to

If you have any questions about this RFP, please contact Djanette Khiari, WRF Research Manager (, 303-734-3478). 


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