National Research Center for Resource Recovery and Nutrient Management

The Research Center for Nutrient Management expands and integrates with WRF's ongoing nutrient research to find solutions for all major sources of nutrient pollution including urban runoff, agriculture, residential/decentralized systems, and centralized wastewater treatment plants. Its goal is to develop the science on source control, treatment optimization, and resource recovery to support sustainable nutrient management in the water environment. WE&RF hopes to provide communities with more cost-effective options to recover and reuse nutrients; ultimately, significantly reducing the amount of nutrients entering waterbodies.


Ongoing Research and Outcomes

Nutrient Recovery Through Urine Separation (STAR_N1R14) - Complete                                       
Development and Implementation of a Process Technology Toolbox for Sustainable Biological Nitrogen Removal Using Mainstream Deammonification (STAR_N2R14)
Manure Resource Recovery (STAR_N3R14)
Manure Resource Recovery Co-Digestion with Fats, Oil, and Grease (STAR_N3R14A) - Complete
Enhanced Removal of Nutrients from Urban Runoff with Novel Unit-Process Capture, Treatment, and Recharge Systems (STAR_N4R14)
Tool for Evaluating Resource Recovery (TERRY) - Nutrient Recovery from Agriculture (STAR_N5R14)
Agricultural BMP Performance and Linkage with Water Quality Benefits at the Watershed Scale (STAR_N6R17)
Nutrient Life Cycle Management Decision Methodology (STAR_N7R17)


The University of California at Berkeley
Columbia University
The University of Michigan
Stanford University
The State University of New York at Buffalo
Washington State University
The University of Washington
Hazen and Sawyer
Rich Earth Institute
Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Center for Watershed Protection, Inc.