An Update for WE&RF Subscribers
March 30, 2017

Melissa L. Meeker
     WE&RF Chief Executive Officer

We need your support. The Paul L. Busch award represents the innovative spirit of our community and inspires our next generation of environmental engineers and scientists, creating leaders for tomorrow. The Endowment for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research has supported the Paul L. Busch award since 2001, providing more than $1.5 million in funding to up-and-coming researchers who are making major breakthroughs in water research. From energy-producing wastewater to next-generation membrane treatment, the Endowment has been there to fund critical research, pushing ideas on the brink of discovery forward.

The Endowment helps us honor Paul L. Busch, Ph.D., who embodied the spirit of creativity, visionary thinking, and practical application of scientific research – a spirit that is essential to ensuring a clean water environment for future generations. Those who knew him will tell you that Dr. Busch believed in linking education with the practical and applied side of environmental engineering. Each year, the Paul L. Busch Award rewards both. The award distinguishes individuals poised for greater recognition of their innovative, ongoing contributions to water quality advancements. Recipients are rewarded with a grant of $100,000 to continue their work, take risks, and explore new directions.

Today, WE&RF is seeking your donation to our short-term fundraising campaign for the Endowment. The goal is to build the Endowment principle to ensure sustainability of the award.

According to the first recipient, Dr. Nancy Love, “the legacy of the Paul L. Busch Award is not just one person, but all the people who benefit…” The recipients tackle the most salient issues among their peers. The 2004 recipient, Bruce Logan, Ph.D. states, “this award showed, for the first time, that wastewater treatment plants could produce useful things rather than just be an economic burden to a community. Showing that electricity could be generated from wastewater… stimulated the interest in transforming our wastewater treatment plants into what we know in the future will be resource recovery plants. The award helped with funding and research in this area, which has now spread to just about every environmental engineering program in the world.”

Among the past recipients is Dr. Kartik Chandran, the 2010 recipient, who credits the award with turning his innovative ideas into real-world applications. He was further recognized in 2015 through a prestigious MacArthur Genius Grant for his breakthroughs in biological treatment and energy production and their real-world impacts in the U.S., Africa, and other regions of the world.

We urge you, as a leader in our community, to continue to honor Dr. Busch’s legacy with a meaningful donation. Please contribute now to ensure the award endures, for endless innovation, by visiting

Your support will make a difference!