About the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization officially formed in July 2016 as the result of the merger of Water Environment Research Foundation and the WateReuse Research Foundation. The merged research foundation, with a combined research portfolio representing over $200 million, conducts research to treat and recover beneficial materials from wastewater, stormwater, and seawater including water, nutrients, energy, and biosolids.

The Foundation also plays an important role in the translation and dissemination of applied research, technology demonstration, and education, through creation of research-based educational tools and technology exchange opportunities. WE&RF materials can be used to inform policymakers and the public on the science, economic value, and environmental benefits of wastewater and recovering its resources, as well as the feasibility of new technologies.
WE&RF is driven by one overarching theme: Providing exceptional water research to advance science and technology. Our research, both relevant and impartial, and of the highest quality, forms a critical foundation for the adoption of sound policies and regulations to protect our natural resources and public health. We build that foundation through four core program elements:

  • Applied research in water and the environment – Providing greater value to the industry by linking research  with practical applications in the field.
  • Accelerating innovation and adoption of technology – Through engagement, evaluation, and sharing of new technologies and solutions to complex problems to create impact.
  • Transferring knowledge – The rapid and cohesive dissemination of research results to our subscribers and the water community to facilitate positive action.
  • Setting an industry research agenda – As an accelerator for launching new research initiatives that will be needed to address future challenges for our industry.

WE&RF’s mission is to catalyze innovation through actionable research in water and the environment. WE&RF accomplishes this mission by seeking to achieve four principal goals:

  • Establish water research and innovation priorities to address current and future needs.
  • Initiate transformative, integrated, and collaborative research and demonstrations.
  • Fund and conduct independent and unbiased, actionable water research.
  • Effectively communicate the results and progress of our research and innovation activities in a timely manner.

Interwoven in WE&RF’s mission and goals is the need to provide industry leadership, to collaborate with interested parties and our partners, to uphold the integrity of the scientific process to ensure research is unbiased and is credible, and to do so in a transparent and accountable fashion that provides value to our subscribers and partners.

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