The Paul L. Busch Award

The WE&RF Endowment recognizes innovation in applied water quality research through the Paul L. Busch Award, which distinguishes an outstanding and innovative, early- to mid-career individual for research in the field of water quality and the water environment. Individuals who show promise and make significant contributions to bridge research and its practical application are eligible to submit applications or be nominated for this award. The winner will be recognized and rewarded with a grant of $100,000 to continue their body of work, take risks, and potentially explore new directions and benefits.

While other fields, such as information technology and medicine, have made quantum leaps forward by devising and implementing new technology, the field of environmental science – and water quality science in particular – has subsisted on advances made decades or centuries ago. The WE&RF Endowment strives to support the development of technological innovation and creative solutions that improve the water environment in a sustainable manner.

More Information and Application Guidelines

If you would like to contribute to the WE&RF Endowment for Applied Water Quality Research, please contact us at or 571-384-2100.