WE&RF Workshops

2017-18 WE&RF Workshops

Workforce Skills of the Future
July 12-13, 2017
Alexandria Renew, Alexandria, VA

Water utilities will face a range of common issues due to changes in the workforce itself (aging staff, expectations and values of younger workers, etc.) and in the tasks to be completed. Changing customer expectations and needs, disruptive technologies, rapid advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the volume of data generated will alter the utility and the skills needed to staff it. This workshop will explore some of these megatrends and examine what thought leaders are saying about them. WE&RF funded researchers will combine results of the workshop with the results of literature searches and surveys, compare them with global leaders in the water industry and with other service industries, in an effort to forecast these major changes and provide suggestions to pro-actively address them. Please direct any questions to WE&RF Program Director Walter Graf.

Potable Reuse

August 23, 2017
Fairfax Water, Lorton, VA

This workshop will inform attendees on the state of the science of potable reuse – particularly as it pertains to the mid-Atlantic region. This includes the unique regional and sub-regional drivers for water reuse in the mid-Atlantic in addition to the regulatory horizon. The workshop will include presentations on treatment technologies, treatment system design and permitting, economics, operations, and achieving stakeholder support to overcome regulatory barriers and gain public trust. Registration is now open.

Onsite Reuse

November, 2017
Southern California

Agricultural Reuse

January, 2018
Sacramento, CA