33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium

Don’t miss this premier reuse event, September 9–12, 2018, in Austin, Texas. Several WRF projects will be featured in technical sessions.

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Session 2: Best Practices for Source Control
3:30–5:00 PM Moderated by Stefani McGregor, The Water Research Foundation

Monday, September 10, 2018

Session 3: Economics of Municipal Water Reuse
10:30 AM   Effective Strategies for Pricing Reuse Recycled Water (project #4662)

Session 3: Advances in Treatment
10:30 AM    Framework for Controlling Organics (project #Reuse-15-04)

Session 5: Drivers for Decision-Making
4:45 PM    Alternative Drivers for Reuse: East Coast Perspectives (project #STAR_WR1SG16)

Session 5: Monitoring for Microbes
3:45 PM    New Decision-Making Tool (project #Reuse 14-01)
4:45 PM    Real Time Monitoring for Real Results (project #WRF-17-30)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Session 7: What's New in Desal
11:45 AM    Blending Desalinated Seawater into Existing Supplies (project #Reuse-15-06)

Session 7: Treatment 2.0
11:45 AM    UV AOP Dose Monitoring, Validation and More (project #Reuse-14-11)

Session 8: Recycled Water for Buildings
1:45 PM    Decentralized Reuse for Drinking Water (project #Reuse-16-02/4691) 

Session 9: Ozone Options & Opportunities
3:45 PM    RO: Ozone-Biological Filtration at Gwinnet County (project #Reuse-15-11)
4:15 PM    Ozone-Biofiltration Design and Operations (project #Reuse-15-10)
4:45 PM    California's First Advanced Alternative Treatment Train (project #Reuse-15-13)