Water Research Foundation Web Seminar Series

Our web seminar series features scientific experts who discuss research topics and answer your questions. No special equipment or software is needed to participate – just a web browser and phone. Our Web Seminar Series is a resource designed for you and your organization. To make the most of these learning opportunities, we’d like to know what topics would be of interest to you in a future web seminar. Please send your ideas to bswartz@waterrf.org.

Professional Development Hours (PDH)
We will offer verification of program attendance for web seminar attendees to use toward Professional Development Hours (PDHs). While we calculate educational credits following a standardized method that is widely accepted by many certification and licensing agencies, many states differ in the types and/or numbers of credits they will approve for specific educational events. Because of this, participants are responsible for exploring their state requirements and for ensuring that WRF web seminar participation credits are accepted. To find out about PDH requirements or licensure and/or certification, contact your state/territory licensure board.

2019 Web Seminars

Customer Messaging on Opportunistic Pathogens in Plumbing Systems
Thursday, January 17, 2019  3:00 - 4:30 pm ET
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In 2015, The Water Research Foundation (WRF) initiated a focus area on waterborne pathogens in distribution and plumbing systems to advance understanding of opportunistic pathogens in these distribution and plumbing systems.  As the first project of this focus area, the project 4664, Customer Messaging on Opportunistic Pathogens in Plumbing Systems, developed and tested a series of messages for the water community to use when communicating with different audiences about Legionella in building water systems. This webcast will present a comprehensive overview of the project objective, results, and recommendations for utilities on how to reach various audience segments and communicate with their customers.  Speakers will provide practical examples of best language practice.
Jennifer Clancy, PhD, MS Law, BCES, ESPRI, Inc.
Mark LeChevallier, PhD, Dr. Water, LLC
Samantha Villegas, Savi PR, LLC er 

Use of Flushing as a Corrective Action Under the Revised Total Coliform Rules
Thursday February 14, 2019   3:00 - 4:30 pm ET
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Water main flushing is a commonly used (and often misused) utility maintenance practice to maintain or improve water quality and to address contamination issues in distribution systems. Flushing is also identified in the Revised Total Coliform Rule as a corrective action to address sanitary defects; however, there is no guidance available to utilities as to whether it is appropriate for a particular coliform response situation or how it should be applied and monitored. When improperly applied, flushing can worsen a situation and increase risks to public health. A WRF tailored collaboration research project (#4653), Use of Flushing as a Corrective Action Under the Revised Total Coliform Rule, was conducted with two large Pacific Northwest utilities – Portland Water Bureau and Seattle Public Utilities – to field-evaluate the effectiveness of unidirectional flushing (UDF) to remove microbially active sediment/biofilm from pipe walls and to reduce disinfectant demand associated with legacy deposits; as well as to characterize the benefits, limitations, and risks of conventional flushing. This webcast focuses on key findings from the project field trials and provides industry guidance for utility operations, including a framework and protocols on how and when to optimally conduct flushing as it relates to addressing microbial water quality upsets.
Melinda Friedman, PE, Confluence Engineering Group, LLC
Kimberly Gupta PE, City of Portland Water Bureau
Andrew Hill, PE, Confluence Engineering Group LLC

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Featured Partner Web Seminars

Be NutrientSmart (NSmart)! Informational Webinar

Monday, January 14, 2019   12:00 -1:00 pm ET or Wednesday, January 16, 3:00 – 4:00 pm ET
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NSmart is a proposed voluntary program to recognize water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs), and their watershed partners, progress towards reducing nutrients in waterbodies. The EPA Office of Water and the NSmart Steering Committee are hosting an informational webcast to introduce a proposed voluntary recognition program for POTWs, WWRFs, communities, and other stakeholders and potential partners that have reduced or are working towards reducing nutrient loadings to streams, rivers, lakes, and other surface waters. The webcast will provide background and answer questions on the different ways to participate and be recognized as NSmart and gauge your interest in the program. We want to know how best to engage with you and make recognition valuable to you, your ratepayers, partners, and local communities.
There are two opportunities to participate:
Monday, January 14, 12:00 -1:00 pm ET
Wednesday, January 16, 3:00 -4:00 pm ET

Water Reuse Association Web Seminar Series

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August: Pathogens and Human Health

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