WRF Web Seminar Series

Our web seminar series features scientific experts who discuss research topics and answer your questions. No special equipment or software is needed to participate – just a web browser and phone. Our Web Seminar Series is a resource designed for you and your organization. To make the most of these learning opportunities, we’d like to know what topics would be of interest to you in a future web seminar. Please send your ideas to bswartz@werf.org.

Professional Development Hours (PDH)
We will offer verification of program attendance for web seminar attendees to use toward Professional Development Hours (PDHs). While WE&RF calculates educational credits following a standardized method that is widely accepted by many certification and licensing agencies, many states differ in the types and/or numbers of credits they will approve for specific educational events. Because of this, participants are responsible for exploring their state requirements and for ensuring that WE&RF web seminar participation credits are accepted. To find out about PDH requirements or licensure and/or certification, contact your state/territory licensure board.

2018 Web Seminars

March 2018: Foundation News

The Water Research Foundation Integration: An Update for Subscribers

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET
How to Register: This web seminar is open only to employees of WRF subscribing organizations. Click here to register.
For assistance with registration, contact msuazo@waterrf.org.

The Water Research Foundation leadership will present an update on the progress being made to unify two research foundations into one foundation with a more powerful mission, sense of direction, and projecting a more unified voice.
Melissa Meeker, Co-CEO, The Water Research Foundation
Chuck Murray, Co-Chair, The Water Research Foundation
Kevin Shafer, Co-Chair, The Water Research Foundation
Rob Renner, Co-CEO, The Water Research Foundation

March 2018: LIFT

Implementing Innovation: An Orientation to the LIFT Program and its New Features

Thursday, March 29, 2018    1:00 pm ET
How to Register: Employees of WE&RF subscribing organizations can receive FREE registration for this WE&RF/WEF co-sponsored web seminar. Click here to access the promo code that you'll need to register through WEF.

This presentation will highlight LIFT's (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology) latest tools and resources, as well as opportunities to engage in LIFT.  LIFT is a WRF/WEF initiative to accelerate innovation and new technology into practice. Our speakers will provide an overview of LIFT, discuss LIFT tools and activities, identify high-priority technology topics, and outline ways participants can benefit from the program.
Erika Bailey, City of Raleigh, NC
Ting Lu, Clean Water Services
Additional web seminar series are currently being planned. Details will be announced soon.

Featured Partner Web Seminars

Water Research Foundation Web Seminars

Additional Web Seminars In This Series Are Currently Being Planned
Check Back for Details to be Released Soon.

Water Reuse Association Web Seminar Series

Triple Bottom Line Water Supply Planning at Your Fingertips: A Framework and Tool for Comprehensive Comparisons
Thursday, March 8, 2018   3:00 - 4:00 pm ET
How to Register: Employees of WE&RF subscribing organizations receive FREE registration for this WE&RF/WRA co-sponsored web seminar. Click to access the promo code you need to register through the WateReuse Association.
Whether considering nonpotable reuse, indirect potable reuse, or direct potable reuse, each option requires a thorough vetting of the potential impacts on a site-specific basis. Our speakers will explain the TBL framework, including the social, environmental, and economic indicators selected for the evaluation tool, as well as the methodology for integrating a multi-criteria decision analysis component. The TBL tool will be demonstrated using water supply comparisons from utility partners. The presentation will include a discussion of lessons learned from collaboration with utility partners in the United States and Australia. This session is a must-see for utility leaders, regulators, and elected officials responsible for making water supply planning decisions.
Ben Stanford, American Water
Grace M. Johns, Hazen and Sawyer
Michalis Hadjikakou, Deakin University
Stephanie Ishii, Hazen and Sawyer

Additional Web Seminars In This Series Are Currently Being Planned
Check Back for Details to be Released Soon.

Enabling the Water Resources Utility of the Future Web Seminar Series

Additional Web Seminars In This Series Are Currently Being Planned
Check Back for Details to be Released Soon.

LIFT Web Seminars

LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge 2018
Tuesday February 27, 2018   1:00 PM - 2:30 pm ET
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Join us to learn about the LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge 2018. The LIFT program, a joint effort of The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF), is holding its first-ever Intelligent Water Systems Challenge to demonstrate the value of intelligent water systems to utilities and thereby foster the adoption of smart water technologies. The Challenge is also supported by the American Water Works Association, BlueTech Research, Cleveland Water Alliance, Smart Water Networks Forum, The International Society of Automation Water and Wastewater Division, The Water Council, and Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP). The Challenge will provide students, professionals, and technology aficionados the opportunity to showcase their talents and innovation, with a focus on leveraging data using the best available tools to help utilities better understand the dynamics of complex systems and make better decisions.

LIFT 2018 Technology Webinar Series
Join us online to learn about the latest innovative technologies that can help you achieve the Utility of the Future! 
Online broadcasts are from 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET (* to 1:15 PM ET)



March 6  MABR (Membrane Aerated Bioreactors)

OxyMem- MABR; Suez-ZeeLung; Fluence- SABRE

March 20 Biosolids to Energy

Aries Clean Energy- Gasification; Genifuel - Hydrothermal Processing; NVP Energy- Low Temperature AD

April 3 Sensors I

American Water- NPXPress; Island Water Technologies- SENTRY-AD; Suez- Seivers TOC Analyzer

April 17 Sensors II

ZAPS Technologies- LiquID Station

May 1 Hydrolysis*

Cambi- Solidatream & THP; Sustec- TurboTec; CNP- PONDUS; SUEZ- Class A Biological Hydrolysis

June 26 Water AI

PlutoAI- PlutoAI; inCTRL Solutions- Monitoring and Control Platform; EMAGIN- HARVI

July 17 Beyond Conventional Activated Sludge*

Organica- Food Chain Reactor; Stanford University- SAF-MBR; Microvi- MicroNiche

August 7 Decentralized Systems*

Baswood-BioVore; Bishop Water- BioCord; Water Warriors- Waving Biomedia; Ovivo- MicroBLOX

September 11 Aeration

Gardner Denver- Robox Energy; Pulsed Burst Systems- MegaBubble; Perlemax- Micro Bubble Aeration

October 16 Nutrient Recovery*

Saltworks- Ammonia Splitter; Renewable Nutrients- QuickWash; PRD Tech- Nutrient Recovery

November 6 Early-Stage
New Limits Technology- Bow Reactor; EB Tech-E-beam; Mango Materials- Biogas into Biodegradable Plastics; T2C Energy-Biogas Triforming GTL


  • Presentations are open to all subscribers of the newly merged Water Research Foundation. (Note: There are only 100 seats – register early!) 
  • To learn more about the presenting technologies, or to see past presentation please visit http://liftlink.werf.org 
  • For more information, contact Aaron Fisher at afisher@werf.org

Asset Management Web Seminars

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August: Pathogens and Human Health

August: Pathogens and Human Health

August: Pathogens and Human Health
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