Advance Notice of RFPs

Notice of Upcoming Requests for Proposals

WE&RF will be offering funding for research projects under the Unsolicited Research Program that can be the catalyst for transforming our understanding of our water resources and our ability to protect and preserve them in a sustainable and cost effective manner and to minimize impact on public health and the environment. WE&RF will be seeking pioneering pre-proposals that will significantly advance knowledge and understanding and that could fundamentally transform how WE&RF subscribers perform their work.

Pre-proposals would be accepted for research on wastewater, recycled water, stormwater, and other sources of water addressing water quality, nutrients, energy, reuse, and biosolids.

2017 Unsolicited Research Program Budget: $302,748 for 3-4 project awards
Approximate RFP Release Time for Pre-Proposals: May 15th, 2017
Deadline for Pre-Proposals: July 13th, 2017
Shortlisted Full Proposal Invitation: August 17, 2017
WE&RF Contact:  Lola Olabode (

Framework and Tools for Quantifying Green Infrastructure Co-Benefits and Linking with Triple Bottom Line Analysis
WE&RF will be soliciting competitive proposal to quantify the multiple benefits of implementing green infrastructure (GI) programs and link the quantified benefits with triple bottom line analysis. This research calls for innovative thinking and adaption of proven methodologies, nationally and/or internationally, to develop a rigorous quantitative framework and methodology for evaluating co-benefits of green infrastructure at utility/municipality level.

Project Budget: $150,000 (with a requirement for at least 25% matching funds from the proposer)