Advance Notice of RFPs

The Water Research Foundation also announced the funding of 10 new research projects through WRF's Research Priority Program. This is our strategic research program, which enables us to address broadly relevant subscriber issues, challenges, and opportunities with targeted research that lasts three to five years. The project concepts are developed by advisory committees and are then prioritized, approved, and funded by our Board-appointed Research Advisory Council. Learn more about the projects and their objectives.

  • 2019 Roadmap Workshop on Prioritizing Permitting and Linkages Research in Water Quality (Project 5038)
  • Analysis of Corrosion Control Treatment for Lead and Copper Control (Project 5032)
  • Assessing the Microbial Risks and Potential Impacts from Stormwater Collection and Uses to Establish Appropriate Best Management Practices (Project 5034)
  • Decentralized Reuse and Treatment Systems: Case Studies of Successful Implementation (Project 5040)
  • Definition of a Data-Driven Utility – How to Be a Digital Utility and the Framework for an Intelligent Water System (IWS) (Project 5039)
  • Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Flushing for Reducing the Levels of Legionella in Service Lines and Premise Plumbing (Project 5033)
  • Evaluation of Existing Source Separated Organic Feedstock Pre-Treatment and Management Practices (Project 5037)
  • Impact of Bromate Control on Ozone Oxidation and Disinfection and Downstream Treatment in Potable Reuse (Project 5035)
  • Occurrence of PFAS Compounds in U.S. Wastewater Treatment Plants (Project 5031)
  • Technical Brief: Compounds of Current and Future Interest and Implications for One Water (Project 5036)

The WRF Board of Directors recently authorized initiation of 14 new research projects in 2017. The planned research will significantly advance WRF’s integrated water and intelligent water research portfolios. A slate of over two dozen research project proposals was reviewed by WRF’s Research Advisory Council in August, 2017. The volunteer council recommended 14 new projects based on their readiness and significance to the water community. A few projects have already been released for proposal submissions and the rest can be found on the list below:

  • Expert Workshop on Compounds of Emerging Concern Research Needs. Where do we go from here? (CEC‐17‐09)
  • Annual Update of International Stormwater BMP Database (Urban Component) (SIWM‐17‐12)
  • The Future of Stormwater BMP Database: Strategic Evaluation and Path Forward (SIWM‐17‐13)
  • Enhancement of Resilience to Extreme Weather and Climate Events (SIWM‐17‐15)
  • Integrating Sewage Thermal Energy Use (STEU) and Other Emerging Water‐Energy‐Waste Technologies into Distributed Systems (SIWM‐17‐16)
  • Crediting Water Quality Benefits from Stream Restoration: Case Studies (SIWM‐17‐17)
  • Desalination Research Needs Workshop (Reuse‐17‐11)

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale with Big Data Management and Analytics (IWS‐17‐07)

  • A new RFP titled Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale with Big Data Management and Analytics, will conduct demonstration projects at multiple utilities to validate sensor-based, real-time monitoring/metering and models/decision support systems on sewershed/sub-sewershed scales, including the applying of analytics to solve sewershed network management issues. The project also will develop a framework for sensor-based networks that incorporates new and emerging monitoring/metering technologies for real-time decision-making. Please contact Walter Graf to learn more about being a project team member, participating as a volunteer, and more information.