Advance Notice of RFPs

Notice of Upcoming Requests for Proposals

Evaluating Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Reuse for Agriculture (Reuse-16-06)
WE&RF will be funding research to evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of water reuse for agriculture. Researchers will determine the economic and environmental impacts, changes in crops grown, opportunities for onsite reuse, and the potential benefits and obstacles for pursuing water reuse of domestic wastewater, produced water from oil and gas production, agricultural return flows, and other nontraditional water sources in agriculture for growers, irrigation districts, and agricultural land owners.

Project Budget: $90,000

Approximate RFP Release Time: July 2017

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule: Opportunities and Impacts on Potential Water Reuse for Agricultural Irrigation (Reuse-16-07)
WE&RF will be funding research to develop a white paper that outlines the impacts and potential opportunities of water reuse for agricultural irrigation under the FSMA Produce Safety rule, including testing and water quality requirements, examples from draft Produce Safety rule implementation plans by states currently utilizing recycled water for agricultural irrigation, and potential reuse opportunities for states to consider.

Project Budget: $10,000

Approximate RFP Release Time: July 2017

Long-Term Corrosion Protection of Existing Hydraulic Steel Structures - United States Bureau of Reclamation