Open Requests

WE&RF funds water research on behalf of its subscribers, and facilitates collaboration among organizations seeking funding partners for high-priority issues. WE&RF awards a contract through a competitive process and coordinates an independent technical review project through a staff-assigned project manager. All qualified entities – including international organizations and disadvantaged business enterprises – are encouraged to submit research proposals. 

There are currently two Open Requests.

Leveraging Other Industries – Big Data Management (Phase I) (SENG7R16)

Program Area: Sensors
WE&RF Contact: Walter Graf
Phone: (571) 384-2102

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation is requesting proposals for Phase I (only) of a planned two phase research effort. Phase I is a scoping effort or survey to determine the state of the knowledge in water sector utilities, other industries, and large Internet of Things (IoT) firms to lay the groundwork for the Phase II research. The Phase II research effort will identify key issues that can be addressed by data collection and big data analytics. It will be a separate research effort.

Anticipated WE&RF Cost: The total WE&RF cost/budget for the Phase I research effort is US $75,000. 

Anticipated Period of Performance: The anticipated period of performance is to be 12 months (1 year) from notice to proceed (NTP). 

Proposals Due: Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Supporting Documents:
SENG7R16 RFP Cover Sheet (DOC)
SENG7R16 RFP Instructions (DOC)
New - SENG7R116 RFP Budget Sheet (XLS)

​​Methods for Measurement of Infectivity and Concentration of Pathogens (WRRF-15-07)

Program Area: Pathogens, Water Reuse
WE&RF Contact: Stefani McGregor
Phone: (571) 445-5501

The objective of project WRRF-15-07 is to develop a new or improved method for measuring infectious/viable pathogens in sewage, treated wastewater, and reuse water, including that from indirect potable reuse (IPR) and direct potable reuse (DPR). The new or improved method must result in faster turnaround times for concentration and analysis, in greater method sensitivity, and reduce overall method costs, relative to current methods. Proposers are encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of the importance and need for this project and focus their approach as needed to address this gap.

Anticipated WE&RF Cost: The maximum amount of funding available from the Foundation for this project is $350,000.

Anticipated Period of Performance: The estimated period of investigation for this project is 30 months.

Proposals Due: Tuesday, August 16, 2016, 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Supporting Documents:
WRRF-15-07 RFP (PDF)
WRRF-15-07 RFP Cover Sheet (DOC)
WRRF-15-07 RFP Budget Sheet (DOC)
WRRF-15-07 RFP Participating Organizations Template (DOC)
WRRF-15-07 RFP Project Team Template (DOC)

Letters of Support for LIFT14T16 
Proposals for this project are currently being reviewed.

Upper Trinity Basin Water Quality Compact, Austin Water Utility, and El Paso Water Utilities - Letter of Support (PDF)
PeroxyChem - Letter of Support (PDF)
Solvay - Letter of Support (PDF)
Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. - Letter of Support (PDF)
Metro Vancouver - Letter of Support (PDF)
San Antonio Water System - Letter of Support (PDF)