Open Requests

WE&RF funds water research on behalf of its subscribers, and facilitates collaboration among organizations seeking funding partners for high-priority issues. WE&RF awards a contract through a competitive process and coordinates an independent technical review project through a staff-assigned project manager. All qualified entities – including international organizations and disadvantaged business enterprises – are encouraged to submit research proposals. 

There are currently three Open Requests. 

Establishing Methods for Numeric Nutrient Target-Setting (LINK3R16)

Program Area: Receiving Waters
WE&RF Contact: Lola Olabode, MPH, Program Director
Phone: (571) 384-2109

The Water Environment and Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is seeking proposals for innovative research that will improve and advance the understanding of nutrient loading and ecosystem effect relationships with the outcome of providing application to management. Proposals must build on WE&RF’s completed research on Modeling Guidance for Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Goals (LINK1T11) by establishing methods for numeric nutrient target-setting that overcome the modeling limitations previously identified, leading to more effective criteria development.

Anticipated WE&RF Cost: The total WE&RF cost/budget for this research effort will not exceed a maximum of $250,000. Proposers are encouraged to bring in-kind and/or other forms of leverage to the research and should detail such in their proposal, including the qualifications and commitments from any leveraging partnerships as needed.

Anticipated Period of Performance: The anticipated period of performance is an estimated two years. A Final Report/Deliverable will be due 18-24 months from the Notice to Proceed date.

Proposals Due: Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Supporting Documents:
LINK3R16 RFP Instructions (DOC)
LINK3R16 RFP Cover Sheet (DOC)
LINK3R16 RFP Budget Sheet (XLS)

INFEW N/P/H2O Collaborative Funding Opportunities in the Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET)

The Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET) will consider proposals for collaborative funding with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF), and/or the Water Research Foundation (WRF). For a proposal to be considered for collaborative funding, the proposal must be submitted to the appropriate NSF-CBET program as an unsolicited proposal during the CBET unsolicited submission window, which is October 1, 2016 – October 20, 2016. The same dates will apply in future years. Proposals will be reviewed as part of the unsolicited program(s). Proposals must follow guidelines for the CBET program to which they are submitted. Proposals will be evaluated according to the NSF criteria of intellectual merit and broader impacts.

WE&RF would potentially support research and new technology development and demonstration projects that enhance the quality and reliability of water for natural systems and communities with an integrated approach to resource recovery and reuse. The key research questions and proposals that WE&RF would potentially support will focus on intensification and resource recovery (IR^2) at wastewater, reuse and stormwater facilities. The goal will be to improve basic science and engineering and to accelerate the development, demonstration, and implementation of innovative, cost-effective technologies to enhance management and recovery of water, nutrients, energy, heat and other valuable products at water resource recovery facilities. 
Specific examples of areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Nutrient Removal and Recovery:  Including processes for intensified mainstream biological nutrient removal, macro and micro nutrient recovery (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), etc.
  • Energy from Wastewater:  Including processes for wastewater carbon diversion and enhanced energy recovery, digestion enhancement, conversion of sludge or biosolids to energy, and novel means of recovering various forms of energy contained in wastewater (e.g., chemical, thermal, kinetic).
  • Water for Reuse:  Including processes for cost-effective advanced water treatment for production of water for potable or non-potable use, removal of compounds of emerging concern, etc.
  • High Rate Treatment:  Including processes for higher throughputs and cake solids in dewatering, improving dewaterability, high rate wet weather treatment, high intensity filtration, etc.
  • Integrated Water Management:  Including research that facilitates change by acting as a catalyst and providing the technical support for a paradigm shift in water management for cities and towns toward sustainable systems that integrate wastewater, stormwater, drinking water and source water, as well as other infrastructure (e.g., energy, transportation, parks, etc.).
         •  “One Water” framework:  Including integrated planning for municipal stormwater and wastewater; institutional issues for sustainable water management; incorporating urban planning and design into integrated water management; integrating with alternative water sources, reclaimed water and stormwater reuse.
  • Food-Water-Energy Nexus:  Including research that provides communities with technical and management tools to better manage the paradigm shift where water is understood to be integral to food and energy, while advancing a shift to the “circular economy.”
         •  Other products:  Including processes for capturing or producing other valuable products from wastewater such as chemicals, bioplastics, etc.
WE&RF anticipates funding up to $500,000 a year for the next two years in support of this collaborative initiative. Proposers wishing to be considered should visit the “research areas” on the WE&RF website (, which gives specific details on programmatic research interests in water.

CRP (Water) Request-For-Proposal (RFP 16/01) – Open Call on Water Technologies

The Competitive Research Programme (CRP) (Water) has launched its new Request-for-Proposal (RFP 1601) – Open Call on Water Technologies on October 6, 2016, 10:00 am (Singapore time, GMT +08:00). This Open RFP comprises two tracks focusing on two types of research development, namely, a) Development of novel ideas and b) Translation of research. The deadline for the white paper submission is December 8, 2016, 11:00 am (Singapore time, GMT +08:00). Please visit NRF’s Research, Innovation and Technology Administration (RITA) website at for more details on the application procedures and proposal submissions.