Preparing a Proposal

WE&RF provides the following documentation to assist those who are submitting proposals in response to WE&RF RFPs. Please note that each RFP will provide specific instructions for submittal, which must be followed for the proposal to be considered. 

Page Limit Guidelines

Proposal Page Limits Include:
  • Tables of Contents
  • Proposal Body as outlined in the RFP and associated instructions
Proposal Page Limits Exclude:
  • Resumes that are 1-2 pages
  • Budget sheet that is required
  • Cover sheet with the signed good faith negotiation pledge
  • Citations of technical work germane to the proposal
  • Letters of support
  • QAPP when required with the proposal unless explicitly called out as a part of the page limit in the RFP and associated instructions
  • MBE/WBE/DBE justification