Subscriber Priority Program

The Subscriber Priority Program is designed to encourage collaboration with WE&RF Subscribers on research. Subscriber Priority projects typically address applied research topics that may be local or regional in nature. However, the research topics should be broadly applicable to WE&RF members and should complement WE&RF’s ongoing research and not duplicate current or pending projects.
Subscriber Priority proposals are accepted once per year under a two-step process. An initial preproposal of no more than four pages in length is first submitted for review and screening. In the second phase, full proposals are requested for those preproposals determined to have the greatest potential impact or outcome. The number of full proposals requested is approximately twice the number of projects to be awarded. 

WE&RF’s Subscriber Priority Committee will review the preproposals and recommend a shortlist of projects which merit a request for full proposals. The Subscriber Priority Committee will also review the full proposals for funding consideration.

Budgets for Subscriber Priority projects must allocate at least 50% of the total project funding for cash contributions. In other words, the researcher must obtain or contribute cash equal to the amount WE&RF is providing (if WE&RF provides $50,000, the team must provide a matching $50,000 cash contribution). Grants or awards from other institutions are not eligible towards the cash match. Additional in-kind services may be provided beyond the 50% cash match requirement.

Organizations are eligible to submit more than one pre-proposal in a given year, but are limited to one award per cycle. 

The timeline for the 2017 Subscriber Priority Program is as follows:

  • April 2017: The “Request for Preproposals” is released
  • June 1: Pre-proposals are due
  • June/July: Subscriber Priority Review Committee evaluates proposals and makes recommendations for short list
  • Early July: Foundation notifies research teams whose preproposals were selected and requests full proposals
  • September 1: Full proposals are due
  • September: Subscriber Priority Committee reviews full proposals and recommends projects for funding
  • October: Board of Directors reviews the projects and approves recommended proposals
  • October: Award projects under the 2017 Subscriber Priority Research Program.

Last updated 7-10-2017

For more information, please contact WE&RF Senior Research Manager Stefani McGregor at