Unsolicited Research

The Unsolicited Research Program supports WE&RF in its mission by funding research projects that can be the catalyst for transforming our understanding of our water resources and our ability to protect and preserve them, minimizing our impact on our global environment. WE&RF seeks pioneering research that will significantly advance knowledge and understanding in protection and enhancement of water quality or the water environment and that could fundamentally transform how WE&RF subscribers perform their work. WE&RF also considers proposals that would take existing research to the next level of completion, resulting in practical solutions to water quality problems. Each Spring, WE&RF requests pre-proposals for research projects. Those with likelihood to advance knowledge and understanding, and provide relevant information for WE&RF Subscribers are invited to submit full proposals. WE&RF requests that all prime contractor/subcontractor decisions be made among proposing teams prior to submission of full proposals. For more information, please contact WE&RF Program Director Lola Olabode at lolabode@werf.org.

2017 Unsolicited Research Program

Proposers invited to submit full proposals for the 2017 Unsolicited research program have been notified. Invited full proposals are due October 19th, 2017 by 7pm ET.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will be updated continuously with your questions as they arise. Last Update: 05-15-2017

The projects below were selected from recent proposals because of their likelihood to advance knowledge and understanding, and provide relevant information for WE&RF subscribers. Chart of WERF Unsolicited Research Projects 2006-2015

2016 Proposals

Characterization of Organic Carbon and Microbial Communities for the Optimization of Biologically-Active Carbon (BAC) Filtration for Potable Reuse (U1R16)

Principal Investigator Amy Pruden, Ph.D., Virginia Tech

Concept Development of Chemical Treatment Strategy for PFOS-Contaminated Water (U2R16)

Principal Investigator Hyeok Choi, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Arlington

Utility Validation of Alternative Method for NDMA Analysis Requiring Less Time, Cost, and Sample Volume (U3R16)

Principal Investigator Megan H. Plumlee, Ph.D., Orange County Water District

Estimating the Comammox Contribution to Ammonia Oxidation in Nitrogen Removal Systems (U4R16)

Principal Investigator Ameet J. Pinto, Ph.D., Northeastern University


Nationwide Meta-Omics Survey Of Anaerobic Digestion And Fermentation Processes For Resource Recovery From Biosolids And Other Organics (U1R15)

Principal Investigator Kartik Chandran, Ph.D., Columbia University

Next Generation Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Low Temperature Domestic Wastewater Treatment: Pilot Study (U2R15)

Principal Investigator Lutgarde Raskin, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Evaluating Fate of Coliphages in WRRFs and Potential Costs to Reduce Coliphages in WRRF Effluents (U3R15)

Principal Investigator Melanie Mann, PE, Hazen and Sawyer

Intensified Hydrolysis for High Solids Destruction: Testing the Limits of Advanced Digestion (U4R15)Principal Investigator Rumana Riffat, Ph.D., P.E., George Washington University Multi-Mode Filtration System For Waste Water Recovery And Desalination (U5R15)

Principal Investigator Weifeng Li, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati