WE&RF Annual Report

WE&RF's annual report contains essential information about the Foundation's research, programs, and finances. It provides an overview of our research progress and recent breakthroughs, as well as the future of WE&RF research.

A Message from WE&RF's Leaders

Kevin L. Shafer
WE&RF Board Co-Chair

Douglas Owen
WE&RF Board Co-Chair

Collectively, the water quality industry is embracing a different view of wastewater – not as a waste, but as a valuable resource. By harnessing the tremendous energy potential and a host of recoverable products found in wastewater, we can deliver these back to communities as beneficial commodities and achieve operational efficiencies that will help finance our long-standing environmental protection objectives.

WE&RF has always taken a forward-thinking approach to research, so we anticipated this change and began to take our research program in this direction years ago. While we remain rooted in our goal of producing the highest-quality wastewater research that ensures the protection of human health and the environment, we do so with the knowledge that this fundamental goal is best achieved through the highest level of innovation.

WE&RF’s approach to water research is only possible with the involvement of our subscribers, cooperating organizations, and a world-class research community. Your dedication and perseverance have led us to the brink of this new era for wastewater – one that is tied closely to our world economics, quality of life, and environmental sustainability.

We look forward to an exciting research cycle in the years ahead and well beyond, and for your continued support, we thank you.