Decentralized Systems Performance and Costs Fact Sheets

Small community leaders and planners have a critical need for information and tools to help make good decisions concerning local wastewater management.

Decentralized CostCommunity leaders and planners can use the resources on this page to help evaluate the performance, cost, and other factors of various technologies and decide which are the most appropriate for their particular needs.

The Fact Sheets below give basic information on the full range of currently available collection, treatment and dispersal technologies for wastewater management and how they may be used individually or in combination.

A spreadsheet tool provides planning level cost estimations of different decentralized wastewater management scenarios commonly used in small communities.  Initial capital costs as well as long-term maintenance and energy costs are included.  Users can take advantage of the default unit cost values provided based on national data or use better, local information when available.

The information on this page is not intended to serve as a design manual, but rather to provide small community decision-makers the information necessary to work with engineers, soils professionals, construction managers and financial personnel to get the best wastewater solution for their community.

To get started, we recommend reading the [[Intro_with_Basics|Wastewater Basics for Small Community Leaders and Planners]] which provides an overview of and context for the Fact Sheets and Cost Tool.

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Collection Fact Sheets Treatment
Fact Sheets
Dispersal Fact Sheets Cost Tool
[[C1_Gravity_Sewers|C1: Gravity Sewer Systems]] T1: Liquid-Solid Separation [[D1_Gravity_Distribut|D1: Gravity Distribution]] [[Users_Guide|User's Guide]]
C2: Pressure Sewer Systems T2: Suspended Growth Aerobic Treatment [[D2_Low_Pressure_Dist|D2: Low Pressure Distribution]] [[Model|Wastewater Planning Model, Version 1.0]]
[[C3_Effluent_Sewers|C3: Effluent Sewer Systems]] [[T3_Fixed_Growth_Aero|T3: Fixed Growth Aerobic Treatment]] [[D3_Drip_Distribution|D3: Drip Distribution]]
[[C4_Vacuum_Sewers|C4: Vacuum Sewer Systems]] [[T4_Constructed_Wetla|T4: Constructed Wetland Systems]] [[D3_Spray_Distributio|D4: Spray Distribution]]
[[T5_Lagoons|T5: Lagoons]] [[D3_Evapotranspiratio|D5: Evapotranspiration System]]
T6: Nutrient Reduction [[D6_Surface_Water_Dis|D6: Surface Water Discharge]]
[[T7_Disinfection|T7: Disinfection]] [[D7_Wastewater_Reuse|D7: Wastewater Reuse]]
[[T8_Residuals_Managem|T8: Residuals Management]]

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