The Latest Water Research Foundation Reports

Below you will find the latest reports published by the Water Research Foundation as of January 2018.

Research Area 

Cyanobacterial Blooms and Cyanotoxins: Knowledge Synthesis, Utility Workshop and Research Gaps

This project consolidated and synthesized the existing literature on cyanotoxins into a summary document, which was reviewed during a facilitated workshop held in Boulder, CO, in June 2016.

 Drinking Water 4657 

Occurrence, Proliferation, and Persistence of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance during Wastewater Treatment
This project provides an overview of the state of the science of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in wastewater.


Developing Tools for Surface Water Nutrient Loading Attributable to Reclaimed Water
This project sought to identify a marker unique to municipal reuse water and to investigate additional markers indicative of nutrient attenuation during reclaimed water transport in the environment.

 Water Reuse Reuse-13-11 
Optimizing Biofiltration for Various Source Water Quality Conditions

The overall objective of this project was to identify biofilter enhancement strategies that yield reliable, sustained, and robust achievement of treatment and operational goals across multiple source water qualities, and to provide clear and concise guidance for utilities on when and how to implement each strategy.

Drinking Water  4555 

Transformation of EDCs/PPCPs and Resulting Toxicity Following Drinking Water Disinfection

This project used novel concepts in computational chemistry and toxicology to predict the likely transformation products (TP) of relevant EDCs/PPCPs with a range of disinfection and oxidation options (such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and chloramines) commonly used in the production of drinking water, and then applied comprehensive in vitro toxicity testing to determine their likely toxicity profile.

Drinking Water   4396

University-Utility Collaborative Partnerships
This report highlights nine case studies of university-utility collaborations and includes information on conducting university-utility collaborations, sample contract language, and master agreement templates.


White Paper: Management of Water Sector Utilities: Summary of Industry Initiatives and Research
This White Paper provides an overview of several key ongoing industry initiatives and research related to management of water resource utilities.