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Research Area: Conveyance Systems

Our Objective

WE&RF will provide research, tools, and techniques for sustainable wastewater conveyance system management practices, including innovative approaches to preventing Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). The products will provide guidance on cost-effective operation, maintenance, condition assessment and rehabilitation that will extend the life of buried assets.

Latest News

Brown and Caldwell Biosolids Expert John Willis Elected to WERF Research Council
Brown and Caldwell Vice President John Willis has been chosen to serve on the Research Council of the Water Environment Research Foundation for 2016-2018.
AWARE-P Project Wins 2014 Muelheim Water Award
The open-source AWARE-P infrastructure asset management (IAM) planning software for drinking water, wastewater, and storm water services is an organized assessment environment where planning solutions or competing projects are measured and compared through selected performance, risk and cost metrics. This WERF research enhanced the impact of existing and new tools by bridging the efforts behind the development of SIMPLE, WaterID and AWARE-P.
Flood Grouting for Infiltration Reduction on Private Side Sewers - Making the Business Case in a Seattle Neighborhood
Sealing sewers in one Seattle neighborhood reduced infiltration and inflow volume by 66%, ultimately leading to fewer backups of sewage in manholes and residents’ basements. Read more about the WERF co-sponsored pilot study.
Latest Progress - Transforming Our Cities: High Performance Green Infrastructure
This research (INFR1R11) examined methods that incorporate the most recent advances in computer hardware and software to help address control of stormwater into sewer systems.

Products & Tools

Assessing the Impacts of Pulp Loading from Non-Dispersible Materials on Downstream Sewer Systems (INFR1R14)
Assessed the observable changes that flushable wipes undergo in the sewer system after passing through a grinder and their interactions with other materials within the sewer system.
Demonstration and Evaluation of Innovative Wastewater Main Rehabilitation Technologies (INFR4R11)
Describes the demonstration and performance evaluation of two emerging wastewater rehabilitation technologies: UIltraviolet cured-in-place pipe and reinforced WC-CIPP for large-diameter pipes.
The Go-To Resource for Laterals Rehabilitation is Just a Click Away
A web portal is available to help sewer agencies and property owners navigate the ins and outs of laterals condition assessment and rehabilitation. The online knowledge base includes the latest information on everything from inspection techniques to legal and financial issues, and even provides a forum for resolving issues.
Remaining Asset Life: A State of the Art Review
This project summarizes the state of the art for assessing remaining asset life as it applies to wastewater assets.
Condition Assessment Strategies and Protocols for Water and Wastewater Utility Assets
This research identifies condition assessment strategies, tools, and techniques in a step-wise approach to improve both the long-term planning and day-to-day management of assets.