Research Area: Intelligent Water Systems

Our Objective

Identify, evaluate, and share  the application experience of advanced sensing technologies and networks used for compliance strategies and improved efficiency of collection and treatment operations and sewershed management. This challenge is not expected to develop a new generation of online sensors, but rather build upon recent and current work by others, and evaluate effectiveness of available and future technology and networks through demonstrations. This effort will develop and maximize the capacity to utilize the vast amount of data generated to support the transition to the utility of the future and to improve receiving water quality and ecosystem health.

The research began with a collaborative WERF-led effort "Compendium of Sensors and Their Use in the Global Water Industry", with the Global Water Research Coalition. This first project developed a compendium that identified and documented  the types, costs (capital and operating), and provided real-world case studies from the global water industry on use and deployment of commercially available online sensors in water and wastewater systems.


Latest News

Research to Clarify the Benefits of Big Data Analytics to Water Utilities
The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation recently awarded a contract to CH2M for research on Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale.
Expansion of Water Environment & Reuse Foundation's Intelligent Water Systems Research
WE&RF recently partnered with the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN). SWAN will also collaborate with LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology), a joint WE&RF-Water Environment Federation initiative focused on identifying and evaluating innovative water technologies.
Streamlining Innovation in the North American Water Sector
SWAN Forum Executive Director Amir Cahn highlights key points from the Smart Water: Tapping Technologies for Water Utilities Workshop.
Facility Operations Newsletter
Learn more about research updates, innovations, and opportunities to participate in WE&RF's Facility Operations research.
Integrating Management of Sensor Data for a Real Time Decision Making and Response System Project Survey
WE&RF project Integrating Management of Sensor Data for a Real Time Decision Making and Response System is conducting a survey of utilities to obtain information on their experiences and knowledge of on-line sensor systems.

Products & Tools

Global Sensors Compendium (Project No SENG3C14) Summary Report
WRc is administrating the Water Quality Sensors and Monitors Compendium ( website (global sensors compendium) on behalf of the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) and the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC). This report provides a summary of activity for the compendium between October 2014 and April 2015 and is drawn from the detailed monthly activity updates that have been issued to WERF.
Compendium of Sensors and Monitors and their use in the Global Water Industry (SENG1C11)
Study on sensors identified and documented information on commercially available instrument types, capital and operating costs, and users’ real-world experiences in the global water/wastewater industry.
Project Summary - PDF Presentation (SENG1C11)
This presentation on WERF's SENG1C11 report, Compendium of Sensors and Monitors and Their Use in the Global Water Industry, summarizes the global water industry's experience with sensors.
Fact Sheet (SENG1C11)
This Fact Sheet accompanies project SENG1C11 titled Compendium of Sensors and Monitors and Their Use in the Global Water Industry.