Research Area: Asset Management

Our Objective

WE&RF will provide decision support tools, techniques, and methods that wastewater agencies can use to implement an Asset Management Program. These devices can be integrated into the existing SIMPLE (Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment) knowledge base. WE&RF will also develop a toolbox that facilities can use to communicate the benefits of implementing an Asset Management program.     



Latest News

Research to Clarify the Benefits of Big Data Analytics to Water Utilities
The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation recently awarded a contract to CH2M for research on Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale.
Expansion of Water Environment & Reuse Foundation's Intelligent Water Systems Research
WE&RF recently partnered with the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN). SWAN will also collaborate with LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology), a joint WE&RF-Water Environment Federation initiative focused on identifying and evaluating innovative water technologies.
Streamlining Innovation in the North American Water Sector
SWAN Forum Executive Director Amir Cahn highlights key points from the Smart Water: Tapping Technologies for Water Utilities Workshop.
EPA Launches New Program With $1 Billion in Loans Available for Water Infrastructure Projects
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the availability of approximately $1 billion in credit assistance for water infrastructure projects under the new Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program.
Water Infrastructure Management for Performance, Resiliency, and Sustainability
This workshop on ‘Water Infrastructure Management for Performance, Resiliency and Sustainability’ brought together professionals drawn from different stakeholders – public utilities, academic institutions, regulatory bodies, professional organizations, and private industry – to help understand the complex infrastructure systems, to better define each other’s roles and responsibilities, and to develop a road map for effective utilization of available resources working toward sustainable and resilient water infrastructure.

Products & Tools

Asset Management of Force Main Infrastructure (U4R14a)
Report synthesizes force main condition assessment, inspection practices, and renewal strategies through literature and practice reviews and provides a comprehensive force main infrastructure asset management guideline.
Assessing the Impacts of Pulp Loading from Non-Dispersible Materials on Downstream Sewer Systems (INFR1R14)
Assessed the observable changes that flushable wipes undergo in the sewer system after passing through a grinder and their interactions with other materials within the sewer system.
Practitioner's Guide to Economic Decision Making in Asset Management: Part I Background (SAM1R06b1)
Part I of the Practitioner's Guide includes background discussions on concepts, frameworks, and tools.
Practitioner's Guide to Economic Decision Making in Asset Management: Part II Guidance (SAM1R06b2)
Part II of the Practitioner's Guide contains the actual guidelines. The guidelines include case studies developed with industry partners in Australia, the UK, and the U.S. and summarize a range of tools and approaches that can be used in support of economic decision making.
Leading Practices and Key Performance Indicators for Asset Maintenance (SAM1R06k)
Provides a perspective of the resources needed to apply and/or integrate the maintenance practice into an existing maintenance program.