LIFT Participants

LIFT is a new program that increases the level of service WE&RF provides to its subscribers. Through this program all subscribers gain:

  • A credible, well-documented vetting system to screen new technologies and processes.
  • The ability to more rapidly deploy new technologies and remove existing impediments.
  • Mitigation of the risk and cost of innovative technology deployment through collaborative partnerships.
  • Facilitation of collaboration among facilities for the evaluation and testing of new technologies.
  • Peer-reviewed information about emerging technologies.

Click to download a larger PDF version of the LIFT Program Process

Under the guidance and strategic direction of the LIFT Steering Committee, LIFT engages all participants in the innovation ecosystem for advancing new technologies into practice. 

Examples of active groups and committees include:

  • LIFT Working Group: WERF subscriber facility owners (utility and industry)
  • LIFT Volunteer Expert Pool (VEP): WERF subscribing consultants, equipment manufacturers, state regulators, investors, and others, including academics.
  • LIFT Technology Scan Participants:  innovators, entrepreneurs, and new technology providers

LIFT Working Group

The LIFT utility Working Group provides facility owners a peer-to-peer networking forum on new technology and innovation and includes over 300 facility owner participants. The Working Group clusters technologies and processes into priority areas of end user need/interest called Focus Areas.  

Focus Areas allow for engaged discussion among facility owners to share information, expertise, and experiences regarding these priority technology areas, as well as to collaborate and leverage testing and implementation efforts.

Facility owners are encouraged to join the LIFT utility Working Group, as well as any Focus Areas of interest, by contacting Fidan Karimova, WE&RF Water Technology Collaboration Manager, and assigning the most senior individual responsible for research and development or the person responsible for technology deployment within their organization.

The LIFT Volunteer Expert Pool (VEP) engages the Working Group in the identification, evaluation, screening, piloting, and demonstration of technologies. The VEP helps review new technologies that apply to LIFT Technology Scans and is a great way to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the field.  

Subscribing consultants, academics, investors, and others who wish to engage in the LIFT VEP can participate by contacting Fidan Karimova and assigning interested persons with subject-matter expertise in relevant technologies and technology deployment to the VEP.

LIFT has also developed a consultant’s guide to LIFT to help consultants identify and navigate the multitude of additional ways that they can engage in the program.  

Technology Scan Participants
Inventors, entrepreneurs, and new technology providers can engage in LIFT by visiting the LIFT Technology Scans web page or contacting Aaron Fisher, Technology and Innovation Manager, and submitting a Technology Scan application regarding their innovation or new technology.