LIFT Partners

LIFT partners are organizations that take on the role of local and regional LIFT leads for technology innovation, or work with LIFT to cross-promote innovation activities. To date over 10 organizations have joined as LIFT partners. There are three ways to become a LIFT partner – Hub, Affiliate, and Media Associate. 

Hubs are organizations that connect innovation interests, activities, and resources with LIFT for an international region. They are based in different regions of the world and serve as the LIFT lead in their region. To learn more, or to discuss becoming a LIFT Hub, contact Dr. Aaron Fisher, Technology and Innovation Manager.

Affiliates are organizations (WEF Member Associations (MAs), water hubs and clusters, state-sections, associations, NGOs) that act as local LIFT partners to help accelerate water innovation. They help ensure information flows to and from the national program and help to foster and grow a culture of innovation in their region. To see the current list of LIFT Affiliates and to read more about the benefits of becoming an Affiliate, visit: the LIFT Affiliates page. You can also contact Fidan Karimova, Water Technology Collaboration Manager, with any questions.

Media Associates are organizations dedicated to innovation that work together with LIFT to cross-promote water innovation activities, news, and announcements to their stakeholders. To become a LIFT Media Associate, please contact Jeff Moeller, Director of Water Technologies.