April 6, 2014 - Florida Water Resources Conference “Sustainability – Balancing of Supply and Demand” – Orlando, FL

FWRC (Florida Water Resources Conference) is the largest joint utility conference in Florida that brings together the water, wastewater, and stormwater industry professionals on an annual basis. It represents the joint conference of the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association, the Florida Water Environment Association, and the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association. The primary theme of this year’s conference was. The program included 9 technical workshops, 16 technical sessions or tracks, several roundtable discussions, competitions, contests, and exhibitions.

LIFT Workshop

Our water industry has started on the journey to become the “Utility of the Future” and we are beginning to work together to move innovation into practice. This workshop (Collaborating to Move Innovation into Practice – WERF’s LIFT Program) presented the most recent update on the joint WERF and WEF initiative known as LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology) and provided information on technologies of current interest on the removal/recovery of nutrients and energy.  It included an update on a new book to be published by WEF on Resource Recovery, including potential and emerging technologies to recover bio-plastics, cellulose fibers (papers), building materials, and metals. The workshop also featured two of the leading utilities in the Orlando, Florida area (the City of Orlando and Reedy Creek Energy Services) on their efforts and perspectives on testing and implementing new treatment technologies and processes on water reclamation, reuse, biosolids, natural treatment systems, waste-to-energy, odor management, and more.  

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