LIFT: Getting Involved 101 – Featuring a Biosolids to Energy Project Example

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Have you wondered how you and your organization can get more involved in innovation and new technology? This webcast features opportunities to engage in the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT), a WEF/WERF program to accelerate innovation into practice. Speakers spotlight the results from a recently completed LIFT biosolids to energy project, Genifuel Hydrothermal Processing Bench Scale Technology Evaluation, as one example of engagement and collaboration. The Genifuel technology converts organic material such as biosolids into biocrude oil, natural gas, or both, with more than 99% conversion of organics. The webcast also discusses various programs, tools, and opportunities available through LIFT including the LIFT Working Group, Technology Scans, Test Bed Network, WEF MA Toolbox, Collaborative R&D Projects, and more.

Recording (wmv)

Jim McQuarrie (Moderator) – Metro Water Reclamation District, Denver 
Jeff Moeller, P.E. – WERF Director of Water Technologies
Fidan Karimova – Water Technology Collaboration Manager
Allison Deines – WERF Director of Special Projects
Philip Marrone, Ph.D. – Senior Chemical Engineer at Leidos, Inc.
Jim Oyler – President at Genifuel
Paul Kadota – Program Manager at Metro Vancouver