Intelligent Water Systems

The water utility environment as we know it is changing. As the industry progresses towards the digital utility of the future, the way we do business will change as well. Whether it be sensors, SCADA, asset management decision support tools, or geo-intelligence, the LIFT Intelligent Water Systems group will explore and discuss a number of new technologies and management strategies that will be part of the digital utility of the future.

The immense amount of data generated in addition to existing, under-used data require detailed analytics to enhance productivity, increase responsiveness, and provide enhanced decision support. The best way to learn about and determine whether or not a technology is useful is to speak with like-minded counterparts and hear case studies from the technology providers themselves.


2018 LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge

The LIFT program, a joint effort of The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF), is holding the its first-ever Intelligent Water Challenge to demonstrate the value of intelligent water systems to utilities and thereby foster the adoption of smart water technologies. The Challenge is also supported by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), International Society of Automation’s (ISA) Water and Wastewater Division, Cleveland Water Alliance, The International Society of Automation, The Water Council, Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP), and BlueTech Research. The Challenge gives students, professionals and technology aficionados the opportunity to showcase their talents and innovation, with a focus on leveraging data using the best available tools to help utilities better understand the dynamics of complex systems and make better decisions.


The Challenge, which will run from April 6 – September 30, 2018, will make general problem statements and example datasets available to participants, and will also provide a series of informational webinars to introduce participants to the datasets and underlying systems.

The 2018 LIFT Intelligent Water Challenge (PDF)

RSVP for the Challenge launch webinar on February 27, 2018.

To register to participate in the Challenge, please complete the brief application questionnaire below by Friday, April 6, 2018.

American Water Works Association, Cleveland Water Alliance, Smart Water Networks Forum, The International Society of Automation, The Water Council, Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP), BlueTech Research