Biological Nutrient Removal

Biological nutrient removal processes promise to address increasingly stringent regulations as well as rising energy and chemical costs. 

The LIFT Working Group identified biological nutrient removal as a topic of high interest and the first technology focus area for the program. Since initiation of the focus area, WERF hosted an online sidestream deammonification workshop in September 2012, a live workshop in December 2012 (Day 1 and Day 2), and a full-plant deammonification for energy positive nitrogen removal meeting in November 2013.

Based on the November 2013 meeting conversations, WEF and WERF created a shortcut nitrogen removal state-of-the-art consensus document. Currently, WE&RF is working on a $2.3-million STAR grant to fund nutrient management research in partnership with Hampton Roads Sanitation District and DC Water. To find more information about the above-mentioned meetings and related documents, click on the available links on the right hand side.