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LIFT 2019 Technology Webinar Series

Join us online to learn about the latest innovative technologies that can help achieve the Utility of the Future!

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Asset Management

Ion Enterprises: ScaleBuster; Recyca-Pipe of America: RigidSeal Bonding Pipeliner; and more

August 20
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Smart Water- Planning and Asset Management

Meemim: vGIS- Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality);
Xylem (EmNet): BLU-X; and more

September 5
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Water Reuse/ Disinfection

Arvia: Nyex; Pasteurization Technology Group: Reclaimed Water Pasteurization and Energy Recovery for Wastewater Disinfection and Water Reuse; and more

October 22
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Drinking Water

LG Sonic: MPC Buoy; and more

November 5
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  • For more information, contact Aaron Fisher at afisher@waterrf.org

Past LIFT Events

April 25, 2019 - LIFT Working Group Call

The LIFT Working Group Web Meeting featured presentations from three drinking water utilities on innovation, seismic resiliency, automated source water quality monitoring, and WRF updates on new LIFT activities and how to engage. 

• Recording
• LIFT Utility Working Group Webinar - LIFT (PDF)
• Innovation at the Tualatin Valley Water District – Mark Knudson, Tualatin Valley Water District (PDF)
• Seismic Resiliency in Design of New Water Supply Systems – Mike Britch, Willamette Water Supply (PDF)
• Automated Source Water Quality Monitoring – Todd Tietjen, Southern Nevada Water Authority (PDF)

Note: Meeting content is only available to WRF Subscribers and the Recording is only available to Utility Subscribers. Please login using your WRF account to view presentation materials.

LIFT 2019 Technology Webinar Series

View presentations from the latest 2019 Technology Webinar series using the LIFT Link Platform. For more information, contact Aaron Fisher at afisher@waterrf.org.




ANDalyze: Catalytic DNA-Based Fluorescent Sensors;
Lumin Ultra: 2nd Generation ATP; TECTA-PDS: TECTA™ B16 Automated Microbiological Detection System & TECTA™lert Test

Lumin Ultra

Enhancing Treatment*

Microvi Biotechnologies, Inc.: MicroNiche Engineering; Hycura: Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) Granules for AD Systems; Tomorrow Water/BKT: BBF BioFiltration; Evoqua Water Technologies: BioMag®

Tomorrow Water

Carbon Diversion* Hydro International: Hydro MicroScreen Ultrafine Rotating Belt Screen; Trojan Technologies: Salsnes Filter;

ClearCove Systems: Enhanced Primary Treatment (EPT); Schreiber, LLC: Fuzzy Filter

Hydro Microscreen
Fuzzy Filter

Smart Water Operations

EMAGIN: HARVI; Hydromantis: ProbeX, Baseform



2NDNATURE: 2NFORM; Eco-Weir: Waterway Ecologics


Decentralized Systems

Floating Island International: BioHaven; invest-e group: VRT® Technology; Epic Cleantec: Epic CleanTec

VRT Technology
Epic CleanTec

LIFT Utility Working Group Meeting: October 2, 2018
The LIFT Utility Working Group Meeting at WEFTEC 2018 served as an opportunity for utility peer-to-peer networking and discussion on new technology and innovation for purposes of information sharing and collaboration.

To access the Agenda and Presentation Slides, WRF Subscribers must login using their WRF accounts. Only Utility Subscribers have access to the Introduction Notes. For any questions or trouble accessing content, please contact Jeff Moeller.

LIFT Events at WEFTEC 2018
September 29 - October 3, 2018, New Orleans, LA

There will be several LIFT events taking place during WEFTEC 2018. Visit the LIFT Events at WEFTEC page to learn more.

Biosolids Land Application Conference Call: 8/23/18
This webinar focused on technology and research related to land application of biosolids. Dr. Maria Electorowicz of Concordia University will discuss research on a bio-electro technology to convert Class B biosolids to Class A in a cost-effective way. Manon Fisher of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Dr. Rebecca Ryals of University of California-Merced shared the latest findings of their project Exploring the Beneficial Role of Biosolids in Soil Health and Climate Change Mitigation in California's Agricultural Soils

Please note: Presentation materials are only available to current WRF subscribers. Please email Fidan Karimova with any questions.


LIFT Utility Working Group for Drinking Water Meeting at ACE
June 13, 2018

This meeting served as a launch for a new utility peer-to-peer networking forum for drinking water, and provided an opportunity for discussion on new technology and innovation topics of interest for purposes of information sharing and planning of coordinated or collaborative projects.

  1. Agenda (PDF)
  2. Photos 
  3. Welcome and Pre-Meeting Survey Results, Jeff Moeller, WRF (PDF)
  4. Innovation at WSSC, Keith Tyson, Washington Suburban Sanitary District (WSSC) (PDF)
  5. Summary Notes  (PDF) (Utility Subscriber Only)
  6. Round Robin Introduction Notes (XLS) (Utility Subscriber Only)

Note: Only current WRF subscribers can view items 1-4 and Utility subscribers can view 5-6. If you have trouble accessing any materials, please contact Fidan Karimova.​

We invite interested utility personnel to join the Utility Working Group, especially those who manage research and technology deployment within their organization. For more information, contact Fidan Karimova.

May 21, 2018 - LIFT Working Group Call
The LIFT Working Group Web Meeting featured presentations on new water reuse and innovative wastewater treatment projects and demonstrations, and provided updates on new LIFT activities and how to engage. 

Note: Meeting content is only available to WRF Subscribers and the Recording is only available to Utility Subscribers. Please login using your WRF account to view presentation materials.

LIFT 2018 Technology Webinar Series



March 6  MABR (Membrane Aerated Bioreactors)

OxyMem- MABR; Suez-ZeeLung; Fluence- SABRE

Presentations Available in LIFT Link:
Fluence MABR

March 20 Biosolids to Energy

Aries Clean Energy- Gasification; Genifuel - Hydrothermal Processing; NVP Energy- Low Temperature AD

NVP Energy
April 3 Sensors I

American Water- NPXPress; Island Water Technologies- SENTRY-AD; Suez- Seivers TOC Analyzer

Island Water
April 17 Sensors II

OndaVia - OndaVia Analysis System; Compass- Lutra; Colifast- Colifast

May 1 Hydrolysis*

Cambi- Solidatream & THP; Sustec- TurboTec; CNP- PONDUS; SUEZ- Class A Biological Hydrolysis

Class A Biological Hydrolysis

June 26 Water AI

PlutoAI- PlutoAI; inCTRL Solutions- Monitoring and Control Platform; EMAGIN: HARVI

July 17 Beyond Conventional Activated Sludge

Organica- Food Chain Reactor; Stanford University- SAF-MBR; 

August 7 Decentralized Systems*

Baswood-BioVore; Bishop Water- BioCord; Water Warriors- Waving Biomedia; Ovivo- MicroBLOX

Water Warriors
Bishop Water
September 11 Aeration

Gardner Denver- Robox Energy; Pulsed Burst Systems- MegaBubble; Perlemax- Micro Bubble Aeration

October 16 Nutrient Recovery*

Saltworks- Ammonia Splitter; Renewable Nutrients- QuickWash; PRD Tech- Nutrient Recovery

Ammonia Splitter
Quick Wash
PRD Tech

November 6 Early-Stage
New Limits Technology: Bow Reactor; Mango Materials: Biogas into Biodegradable Plastics; T2C Energy-Biogas Triforming GTL; Purafide: Plasma Water Reactor + more

Bow Reactor
T2C (did not present)

LIFT for Management Webcast
October 31, 2017

View Recording (MP4)
View Presentation (PDF)

Water utilities are complex businesses and it is challenging for utility leaders to efficiently manage the people, processes, and technology required to collect, treat, and deliver water and wastewater services. Tools exist to help utilities perform internal assessments, benchmark against peers, and identify metrics for performance improvement. However, there is a need to focus more on processes – to understand and document how a utility can work better. This web seminar explains how WE&RF subscribers can participate in this research project that's working to map common utility business processes in order to provide a high-level model of utility management.

Intensification of Resource Recovery Forum
August 10-12
Manhattan College, NY

This forum was held by the Water Environment Federation, organized in partnership with the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and LIFT, in cooperation with Manhattan College and BlueTech Research.

The IR² Forum was an intensive 3-day university modeled event focused on innovation in wastewater and water reuse. The Forum was attended by leading experts and practitioners from utilities, consulting firms, universities, technology providers, and other key representatives from the industry.

Presentations from Forum Sessions 3-6 can be downloaded from the Onsite Program PDF.

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