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LIFT 2017 Technology Scans Vendor Presentations

Join us online to learn about the latest innovative technologies that can help you achieve the Utility of the Future! 

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Collection Systems/Odor Control
Clearwater Controls May 9 
Bacterial Logistics
HYDRAPULSE Tellus Utilities
Intelligent Water Systems (Operations)
Hydromantis June 20 
Sampling and Monitoring System (SAMS) NJBSoft
Decentralized Systems
Bacterial Logistics July 18
Epic CleanTec
Epic CleanTec

Water Reuse/Disinfection
Reclaimed Water Pasteurization
Pasteurization Technology Group September 7
Forward Osmosis Forward Water
Milli-electrode Array
UConn October 10
Bio-bead Wavve
PaverGuide PaverGuide
Cold Plasma Pellucid Water

Fostering Innovation Within Utilities
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017
3pm-4:30pm EST
(2pm-3:30pm CST, 1pm-2:30pm MST, 12pm-1:30pm PST)
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This webcast, jointly hosted by the Water Research Foundation and the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, will discuss the findings of Fostering Innovation Within Utilities (WRF project #4642). Based on the project’s global survey of over 400 utility employees representing 73 utilities, 91% believe that innovation is critical to the future success of their utility, however only 62% would call their utility “innovative.” Less than 40% report having the key attributes of an innovative organization modeled by leading companies in both public and private industries. Key management gaps include setting clear objectives for innovation, processes for making investment decisions, metrics for process management, and stakeholder engagement practices. Currently, the industry lacks the framework for fostering innovative practices within utilities.

This webcast will show how utilities transform into idea factories, enabled by a sustainable culture of innovation, broad engagement of stakeholders, and effective leveraging of external resources. Attendees will learn about a simple framework that addresses key disciplines of innovative utilities based on experiences from private industry and over 50 water and wastewater utilities. The presenters will describe the people, processes and systems necessary to operationalize an innovation framework, and describe tools to help utilities assess internal innovation inhibitors and gauge the health of their existing innovation programs.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Water Environment Federation (WEF) participated in the project and are promotional partners for this webcast.

Project #4642 was sponsored by the Water Research Foundation, and co-funding was provided by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, Birmingham Water Works Board, Toronto Water, Water Services Association of Australia, and the Public Utilities Board Singapore. Over 40 additional water and wastewater utilities participated in and contributed to this project.

Jason Carter, PE, Vice President, Delivery & Innovation Leader, ARCADIS
Mark LeChevallier, PhD, Vice President, Chief Science Advisor, American Water 
Ed Means, President, Means Consulting LLC
Douglas Owen PE, DEE, President, Owen Water Consulting, LLC

Mike Dirks, Regional Liaison, Water Research Foundation
Jeff Moeller, PE, Director of Water Technologies, Water Environment & Reuse Foundation 

Program WaterVent #10 Philadelphia

May 3-4 2017
Phildelphia, PA

For more information, please visit the official website.

BlueTech Forum 2017

Water and the 4th Industrial Revolution
June 6-7, 2017
Dublin, Ireland

BlueTech Forum is synonymous with water innovation and is known for always being one step ahead of the market. People come to broaden their horizons, expand their network and to do business.

This year a series of roundtables briefings, key notes and case studies will illustrate how the future of the water sector is being shaped and changed by the broader mega trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution and what our strategy should be to adapt and thrive in this environment.

Early bird registration is open WE&RF members. Use the promo code WERFBTF17 for a discounted registration. For more information, please visit the official website.

Past LIFT Events

LIFT 2017 Technology Scans Vendor Presentations

Join us online to learn about the latest innovative technologies that can help you achieve the Utility of the Future!



AvN (presentation)
World Water Works
Nereda (presentation)
Royal Haskoning DHV
Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (presentation)
NuReSys (presentation)
Schwing Bioset
PEARL (presentation)
AirPrex (presentation)
Intelligent Water Systems (Distributed)
OptiRTC (presentation)
Wavelet (presentation)
RT-DSS (presentation)

LIFT Overview and Water Reuse Opportunities Web Seminar
LIFT is an initiative to accelerate innovation and new technology into practice. This web seminar, jointly hosted by WE&RF and the WateReuse Association, detailed opportunities to engage and benefit from LIFT, as well as how to get involved with LIFT’s Utility Focus Groups on Water Reuse, Green Infrastructure, and others.

Slides (PDF)
Recording (MP4)

Discover LIFT Link and How it Can Help You - WEF/WE&RF Webcast
Tuesday, February 07, 2017

LIFT’s new online innovation and collaboration platform “LIFT Link” is now available. You can use it to discover new technologies, share your research and technology needs, and connect with experts and potential partners for information sharing and collaboration on technologies of mutual interest. This webcast provided training on LIFT Link. View recording

January 31, 2017 - LIFT Working Group Call – MWRDGC

The first LIFT Working Group Web Meeting of 2017 featured a presentation from Joseph Kozak of Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, who highlighted the innovation insights at the utility. The meeting also provided an update on LIFT program activities & opportunities to engage including the Genifuel Demonstration project, LIFT SEE IT program, launched LIFT SEE it platform, LIFT Survey, and more.

Note: Meeting content is only available to WE&RF Subscribers. Please login using your WE&RF account to view presentation materials.

LIFT 101: Orientation and Training Session
Thursday, December 1, 2016 
View Presentation (WMV)
This webinar featured opportunities to engage in the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT), a WEF/WERF initiative to accelerate innovation and new technology into practice. The webinar provided an overview of LIFT, discussed LIFT tools and activities, and outlined ways to benefit from the program. It included training on LIFT’s new online innovation and collaboration platform “LIFT Link”, as well as highlighted opportunities to engage through the LIFT SEE IT travel scholarship program, Technology Scans, Utility Focus Groups, National Test Bed Network, WEF MA Toolbox, collaborative research and technology projects, and more. 

Sept 8, 2016 - LIFT Working Group Web Meeting – Biofos, Denmark
This third LIFT Quarterly Working Group meeting of 2016 featured a presentation from Dines Thornberg, Innovation Manager at the Danish utility Biofos. The meeting also provided an opportunity to hear updates on LIFT including the SEE IT travel scholarship program for utilities, WEFTEC activities, National Test Bed Network, LIFT Link, Technology Survey, and more.

Note: The above content is only available to WE&RF Subscribers.​

May 9, 2016 - LIFT Working Group Call – Queensland Urban Utilities 

The second LIFT Working Group Quarterly Web Meeting featured a presentation from Colin Chapman of Queensland Urban Utilities in Australia, who highlighted projects and activities as part of their innovation program. The meeting also provided an update on LIFT program activities & opportunities to engage including the LIFT Link online platform, LIFT Odor Control Focus Group, National Test Bed Facility Network, collaborative projects, and more.

Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Queensland Urban Utilities Presentation (PDF)
Recording (WMV)

LIFT: Getting Involved 101 – Featuring a Biosolids to Energy Project Example

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Have you wondered how you and your organization can get more involved in innovation and new technology? This webcast features opportunities to engage in the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT), a WEF/WERF program to accelerate innovation into practice. Speakers spotlight the results from a recently completed LIFT biosolids to energy project, Genifuel Hydrothermal Processing Bench Scale Technology Evaluation, as one example of engagement and collaboration. The Genifuel technology converts organic material such as biosolids into biocrude oil, natural gas, or both, with more than 99% conversion of organics. The webcast also discusses various programs, tools, and opportunities available through LIFT including the LIFT Working Group, Technology Scans, Test Bed Network, WEF MA Toolbox, Collaborative R&D Projects, and more.

Recording (wmv)

Jim McQuarrie (Moderator) – Metro Water Reclamation District, Denver 
Jeff Moeller, P.E. – WERF Director of Water Technologies
Fidan Karimova – Water Technology Collaboration Manager
Allison Deines – WERF Director of Special Projects
Philip Marrone, Ph.D. – Senior Chemical Engineer at Leidos, Inc.
Jim Oyler – President at Genifuel
Paul Kadota – Program Manager at Metro Vancouver

LIFT Collaborative Workshop on Odor Control in Collection System and WRP Head Works
In 2015, a new work group focused on odor control and treatment was added to LIFT. One of the issues that has been identified is development of a better methodology for technical evaluation of odor reduction products for efficacy and performance optimization. The one and one and a half day workshop in Milwaukee was held to: (1) share and exchange relevant information, (2) provide networking opportunities, (3) identify collaborative opportunities, and (4) share costs related to product evaluation and development of tools to optimize utilization of odor control products in the collection system or at the treatment plant head works.

March 24 - LIFT Odors Knowledge Development Forum 
March 25 - LIFT Odors Focus Group Meeting (subscriber only access)

2016 Technology Scans Vendor Presentations

 Vendor  Date  Register
Wastewater Process

Neptune Diagnostics B&F Alert Neptune Diagnostics  February 23 
Presentations and Recordings
HYBACS Bluewater Bio Ltd. 
DAF Desludging Charles Peckham

Carbon Diversion

Cloth Media Filtration  Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.  March 22  
Presentations and Recordings
WWETECO FlexFilter WesTech Engineering, Inc. 
EcoMat Blue Water Technologies, Inc. 
Collection Systems
In-Line Inspection Tools for Water and Wastewater Pipeline Inspections PICA Corp. April 26
Presentations and Recordings
DIP System Steel Toe Group
In-Pipe Technology/BioConversion Solutions In-Pipe Technology Company
P-Recovery & Scale Prevention

WASSTRIP Ostara May 17 
Presentations and Recording
Phosphaq Paques
Hydropath Technology HydroFlow Holdings USA, LLC
Biosolids to Energy & Biofermentation AquaCritox SCFI Limited June 14
Presentations and Recordings
Direct Conversion of Wastewater Sludge to Oil via Hydrothermal Liquefaction       Algae Systems, LLC
Biofermentation ABS, Inc.
Stormwater & Watersheds RainGrid Cistern Controller and Data Management Platform RainGrid, Inc. July 19
Presentations and Recordings
Remote Sensing Solutions for Monitoring Water and Land
Blue Water Satellite, Inc.
C.L.A.M.  C.I. Agent Storm Water Solutions, LLC
Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP) Parjana Distribution, LLC
 Membranes ZeeLung MABR GE August 16  Presentations and Recordings
BioBarrier HSMBR Bio-Microbics, Inc.
Doosan LENA MBR Doosan

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