In January 2018, the sponsors awarded 28 staff members from 10 utilities with travel scholarships. A map of the recipients’ trips in 2018 is provided below.  

If you have questions about a technology that you would like the recipient to ask as part of their visit, please contact the recipient. As visits are completed, trip reports, photos, and videos are posted below for sharing findings with the water quality community.  

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Please contact Water Technology Collaboration Manager Fidan Karimova with any questions.


Technology & Utility Visiting

Time Frame

Charlotte Water

Ostara Installation - Stickney WRP; Airprex Installation - Fox River WRD; Airprex Installation - Fond du Lac WWTP; Multiform Harvesting - Green Bay WWTP; Airprex Installation - Steven Point WWTP; Ostara Installation - Portage la Prairie WTP; Ostara Installation - Rock Creek Advanced WWTP; Ostara Installation - Durham Advanced WWTF; Multiform Harvesting - Yakima WWTP; Multiform Harvesting - Boise WWTP

Summer 2018

City of Calgary

Digestion enhancements, biosolids to energy, and energy from wastewater at DC Water.

Spring 2018

City of Tempe

East Bay MUD High Strength Waste (HSW) and organics long-term feedstock security agreements and contracts, codigestion feedstock mixing/blending processes, receiving logistics, pretreatment, feedstock testing, storage, heat-exchange, tracking software process, organics receiving area, odor control facilities and equipment

March 18-21, 2018

Eagle River Water and Sanitation District

Primary Sludge fermentation for the production of VFA's and Biological Nutrient Removal for the reduction of both nitrogen and phosphorus at City of Missoula Wastewater Treatment Facility and City of Kalispell Wastewater Treatment Facility

April, 2018

Fairfax County

Nereda process at Epe WWTP, Dinxperlo WWTP, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands); Hybrid Nedera at Garmerwolde WWTP and Vroomshoop WWTP (Netherlands)

Q2, 2018

Fond du Lac

Paques at Beam, Netherlands; AnammoPAQ, PhosPAQ, ThioPAQ at Olburgen, Netherlands; AnammoPAQ and TPS at Rendac, Netherlands; NuReSys with Demon at Apeldorn, Netherlands; NuReSys with Demon at Aa en Maas, Netherlands; AirPrex and Demon with TPAD at Echten, Netherlands

Fall 2018

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

1) The LOTT Clean Water Alliance (Lacey Olympia and Tumwater, Thurston County) In Olympia, Washington, USA (domestic),
2) City of Vancouver, WA Water Resources Center & WWTP (domestic),
3) King County’s Brightwater Center & WWTP in Woodinville, WA (domestic).

Q1, 2018

Pima County

AlexRenew Water Resource Recovery Facility in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and the Ejby Mølle Water Resource Recovery Facility in Odense, Denmark - Anammox configurations for both side‐stream and mainstream applications

AlexRenew - March 10-15, 2018; Ejby Molle - June 10-15, 2018

Regional Municipality of York

Irvine Ranch Water District - learn about the battery technology, understand the procurement strategy, project implementation and lessons learned

June, 2018


Granular sludge plants in Delft, Denmark, Munich, Strass

March 17-28, 2018