In January 2019, the sponsors awarded 17 staff members from 8 utilities with travel scholarships. A map of the recipients’ trips in 2019 is provided below.  

If you have questions about a technology that you would like the recipient to ask as part of their visit, please contact the recipient. As visits are completed, trip reports, photos, and videos are posted below for sharing findings with the water quality community.  

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Please contact Water Technology Collaboration Manager Fidan Karimova with any questions.


Technology & Utility Visiting

Time Frame

City of Boise

HRSD - Tertiary Treatment for phosphorus, EBPR optimization, Biogas reutilization, Energy sustainability, Ammonia management opportunities, Automation and control

June-August 2010

City of Fort Collins

Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant (OH), Little Patuxent Water reclamation Plant (MD) - effluent total phosphorous reduction (sidestream phosphorus sequestration and precipitation)

June 2019

City of Saco Water Resource Recovery Department

Inovair, Sni-A-Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant - Inovair Integrally Geared Centrifugal Blowers

March 2019

City of Santa Fe

Plum Creek Water Reclamation Authority, City of Boulder Water Resource Recovery Facility - Biological Nutrient Removal via Oxidation Ditches, Ultraviolet Disinfection upgrades, Phased Control System (SCADA) implementation, Biogas Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power)

Summer 2019

Houston Water

DC Water & Seattle Public Utilities - wastewater storage and diversion tunnels

Summer 2019

Mount Pleasant Waterworks

Daytona Beach, Tampa Bay, or Hampton Roads (HRSD) - Potable Reuse – Direct or Indirect Reuse

Summer 2019

NEW Water

James River WWTP, AlexRenew - Gravimetric Selection Technology (hydrocyclone) & RAS Fermentation

Summer 2019

Ontario Clean Water Agency

Salt Lake City – Wasatch Resource Recovery plant and EBMUD

May 2019