The LIFT Scholarship Exchange Experience for Innovation & Technology Program (SEE IT) is an initiative spearheaded by WE&RF, WEF, and NACWA to provide scholarships for utility personnel to visit other utilities with innovations of interest and to share experiences with their peers. Innovations may include new technologies and processes, but also novel approaches to service, operations, and finance.

LIFT SEE IT provides hands-on interaction with innovative technologies and approaches with representatives that are implementing them to provide program participants with the needed perspective and information to accelerate adoption at their own facilities. LIFT SEE IT is a tool and resource supporting the transformation of water resource recovery facilities into utilities of the future

In January 2017, the sponsors awarded 32 staff members from 11 utilities  with travel scholarships. A map of the recipients trips in 2017 is provided below.  

If you have questions about a technology that you would like the recipient to ask as part of their visit, please contact the recipient. As visits are completed, trip reports, photos, and videos will be posted to this web page for sharing findings with the water quality community.  

The next application cycle will be open in the fall of 2017. To receive notice, sign up to receive Laterals.

Please contact Water Technology Collaboration Manager Fidan Karimova with any questions.


Technology & Utility Visiting 

Time Frame 

City of Boulder EBPR optimization at Clean Water Services Durham and Rock Creek WRFs May/June 2017
City of Jackson Ovivo Mem-TAD system at Lewes, Delaware Water Reclamation Facility
March 2017
City of Raleigh  THP at Thames Water; Shortcut side stream nitrogen removal at Thames Water; Cambi at Cambi Production Facility; Shortcut Nitrogen Removal Side Stream Treatment Systems at United Utilities UK; Anita Mox in Boras, Sweden; DEMON Process in Nieuwveer, Netherlands
April-June 2017
City of San Luis Obispo  Cooling and Natural Treatment Wetlands at Fernhill Wetlands, Albany-Millersburg Talking Water Gardens, Oregon Garden Wetlands  February 2017
Greeley Water Pollution Control Facility Shortcut Nitrogen Removal at Hampton Roads Sanitation District and DC Water
April 23-28, 2017
Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District  Exelys at Esholt; Cambi at Seafield; Thermal Hydrolysis - Mesophillic at Oxford; Belt Dryers- Hot Water Exploitation at Huddersfield; GE Monsal Biological Hydrolysis at Aberdeen Nigg; GE Monsal sequential gas mixing technology at Davyhulme; Advanced Anaerobic Digestion and Biowaste at Avonmounth
January-June, 2017
Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati Zero Angle Photo Spectrometer (ZAPS) at City of Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant
Early 2017
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Class A biosolids soil blending process and Business practice of using capability maturity models to improve the ability to manage risk and improve utility services at DC Water  May 2017
Soquel Creek Water District Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology that takes raw wastewater and produces Class A Reclaim Water at Martin Way Reclaimed Water Plant (LOTT Alliance)
March-April, 2017 
Trinity River Authority of Texas Ostara Pearl at Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
May 16-18, 2017 
Washoe County Community Services Department Ozone-biological activated carbon and advanced oxidation (ultra-violet), membrane-based treatment systems, soil aquifer treatment processes and expertise to achieve potable reuse at HRSD
July 10-21, 2017