LIFT for Management

Water utilities are complex businesses and it is challenging for utility leaders to efficiently manage the people, processes, and technology required to collect, treat, and deliver water and wastewater services. Tools exist to help utilities perform internal assessments, benchmark against peers, and identify metrics for performance improvement. However, there is a need to focus more on processes – to understand and document how a utility can improve. 

The purpose of the LIFT for Management project is to develop a business reference model and information clearinghouse for the water industry that is complimentary to the existing foundational programs on Utility Management. LIFT for Utility Management will build on Effective Utility Management (EUM), Utility of the Future, and previous WE&RF research on management and decision support systems. Each of these programs effectively portrays "what" is important for a sustainable utility. This research and the business process reference model approach support the "how" phase of business improvement, the often difficult ability to execute and deliver results toward the characteristics of effective utilities that existing research has so well defined. 

The project will develop a hierarchical map of business processes, and expand to include the role of people (organization) and technology. The methodology and the conceptual model will help the industry understand how things get done within a utility and, when used together, allow utilities to understand and analyze the current state of their performance and plan/design/evaluate future improvements.


Case Studies

UTILITY PARTNERS: Alexandria Renew, Avon Lake Municipal Utilities, Charlotte Water, Clean Water Services, City of Grand Rapids, DC Water, King County Department of Natural Resources, Louisville MSD, MCES (Minneapolis), Orange County Utilities, San Francisco Public Utilities, Toho Water Authority, VCS Denmark, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Watercare Services Limited (New Zealand)

CONSULTING PARTNERS: Water Environment Federation, CH2M, EMA, CDM

For more information, please contact Fidan Karimova.