LIFT Graduates

LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology) is excited to announce the launch of the LIFT Graduate program. This program seeks to recognize those technologies that since their acceptance via a LIFT Technology Scan, have made significant progress and are now widely deployed in the North American market. This is defined as either a few dozen deployments, or when the technology is sufficiently understood by the market (e.g., in the Manual of Practice).

If you qualify, the following will happen:

  • Technology will be marked as TDL of 5 – Conventional.
  • Technology information will still be discoverable in LIFT Link, and you will still have a technology page.
  • You may still be invited to webinars, conferences, or other activities, however we will prioritize those companies who are not yet widely commercialized (except when the focus is LIFT Graduates).
  • You may now refer to the technology as a “LIFT Graduate” as opposed to LIFT-accepted

To be considered, you must first already be accepted into the LIFT program. Then, please reach out to Dr. Aaron Fisher with a listing of deployments (please limit to no more than 25), and a short statement of interest. Please be sure to note any support you received from the program. We are also open to feedback on the program.

Five years into the LIFT program we are very proud to have reached the stage where we can celebrate the commercial success of those companies accepted into the LIFT program.