Collaborative Technology Evaluations

LIFT Technology Scans are a way to introduce subscribers to innovative and potentially game changing technologies that can help municipal and industrial facilities transition into the Utility of the Future. It is not uncommon though, for utilities to lack the resources necessary to properly investigate a technology so that it can consider it for full-scale implementation. It is also possible that a facility is concerned about undertaking the full risk involved in a pilot or demonstration of a technology. These barriers to innovation can be overcome by collaboratively investigating a technology with peers engaged in the LIFT network.

Utilizing WERF’s Targeted Collaborative Research (TCR) process, LIFT offers WERF subscribers the LIFT TCR for technology demonstrations and evaluations. The LIFT TCR gives subscribers who are jointly interested in a technology the ability to share the risks and resources involved in investigating a technology. This also fosters peer-to-peer network building within the LIFT network, and helps broaden the dissemination of information that a technology pilot or demonstration produces for the benefit of all WERF subscribers and non-subscribers as well. This process facilitates independent, third party technology evaluations and develops scientifically sound information needed for good decision making. To submit a LIFT TCR request, please download the LIFT TCR Project Submittal Form and Ground Rules.

Questions regarding the Technology Scans or the LIFT TCR process can be directed to WERF Water Technology Collaboration Manager Fidan Karimova at or at 571-384-2096.

Project Opportunities 

To see a list of collaborative project opportunities, visit WE&RF's TCR page.