LIFT Technology Scans

LIFT Technology Scans identify and evaluate innovative technologies to inform water facility owners, funders, advisors, and end users in order to promote early adoption of the technologies. They offer technology providers an optimal platform to introduce their emerging, pre-commercial, and newly commercialized technologies.

Submitting your technology to LIFT:

1. Ensure you have a WE&RF username/password. If you need to create one: click here or click “Sign In” at the top of this page. 
2. Sign in to LIFT Link using the same credentials.
3. Complete the LIFT Link account creation process, and then sign in again.
4. Click the APPLY button at the top, and complete the application.
*For more details on the application process or to see the application questions: Technology Scan Application (PDF)

LIFT Technology Scans are designed to move innovation into practice and have engaged more than 350 of the largest facility owners. Audiences for LIFT Technology Scans include municipal and industrial facility owners, consulting firms, and venture capitalists. 

Using a 3-step process (see Figure), Technology Scans involve identification and evaluation of innovative technologies for technology readiness level and technical review of inventor’s claims. Selected technologies are invited to present to LIFT audiences which are appropriate to their technology readiness levels, to garner interest in early adoption of the technology. WE&RF also will help develop and manage independent, peer-reviewed technology evaluations.

The results of previous Technology Scans are accessible through LIFT Link. LIFT Link contains the vendor scan applications which provide detailed information on each technology. A technical review of these applications was conducted by expert panels representing the consulting, academic, and utility perspectives. These panels review the claims made in the applications and confirm or revise the technology development level.  

LIFT Graduates are technologies that since their acceptance via a LIFT Technology Scan have made significant progress and are now widely deployed in the North American market. To learn more about the program please see the LIFT Graduates page.

For more information, please contact WE&RF Technology and Innovation Manager Dr. Aaron Fisher at

Discover the technologies accepted to LIFT: LIFT Link