Technology Spotlight

What is your technology?
The FlexFilter™ is a downflow filter that uses fibrous compressible media coupled with an engineered bladder that uses the potential hydraulic energy in the flow to be treated. The bladder provides lateral compression on the fibrous media to create a porosity gradient with loose media at the top to remove larger solids and compressed media at the bottom to remove fine solids. This allows the entire media depth to be utilized, to increase the solids carrying capacity of the media.
What are the benefits to implementing your technology?
a. Treats influent TSS up to 500mg/L or more.
b. Provides dual-use in that it can be sized to treat CSO/SSO, but also function as a tertiary filter.
c. Operates passively with no internal mechanical plates or associated actuators.
d. Achieves 90% TSS removal without coagulants or flocculents.
e. Rapid start-up and shutdown.
f. Can be used as an enhanced primary treatment technology including soluble BOD reduction and carbon diversion to digestion
        reducing overall energy consumption.  

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?


The technology has been tested extensively in numerous pilot studies in applications that include bio-filtration and carbon diversion as enhanced primary treatment, CSO/SSO/stormwater treatment and tertiary filtration. Full-scale installations include CSO, stormwater, wastewater lagoon effluent filtration and tertiary treatment with a range from a 60,000 gal/day to a 100 MGD. The FlexFilter is currently being tested as a bio-filtration process for SSO treatment and will soon be tested by an energy utility to evaluate carbon reduction and diversion to digestion to increase gas production as well as reduced downstream energy consumption in the activated sludge process.
What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?
Next steps include new projects that will help build on what has been tested or implemented full-scale. Helping to identify and secure opportunities in wet weather treatment, carbon diversion, bio-filtration and tertiary filtration will help advance this multi-function technology.
How has LIFT helped, or how can LIFT help?
LIFT can help by promoting the multi-use FlexFilter technology through its outreach and technology awareness programs and by identifying and building strategic partnerships with its members or interested end-users.
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