AirPrex® in Berlin.

Technology Spotlight

What is your technology?

AirPrex® reactor is designed to treat anaerobically digested sludge and recover phosphorus in the form of struvite. The precipitated struvite crystals are extracted, washed, and dewatered by a struvite washing unit immediately following the reactor. No additional chemicals or heat sources are needed to dry the product.

What are the benefits to implementing your technology?
  • Improve dewaterability of anaerobically digested sludge by at least 2 percentage points.
  • Reduce phosphorus recycle load by 80% to 90% in dewatering return flow.
  • Prevents scaling problems in dewatering equipment and return flow pipes.

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?
AirPrex® has 7 full-scale installations in operation in Europe. Two full-scale AirPrex® are under construction in U.S.

What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?

The next step is to identify wastewater utilities clients in need of dewatering optimization, struvite scaling prevention, and phosphorus removal and recovery.

How has LIFT helped, or how can LIFT help?
CNP joined LIFT and promoted the AirPrex® technology in 2015. CNP has since then received many requests from public utilities regarding the specifications of the technology. CNP also participated in a technology scans webinar hosted by LIFT. The webinar is particularly helpful for direct interaction with both design engineers and end-users.

AirPrex® Unite at Amsterdam West.

Gerhard Forstner
CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids Corp.
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